Order & Chaos Duels tops iPhone Games of the Week

Mar 28, 2013

This week our top game is a deep collecting card battle game called Order & Chaos Duels – Trading Card Game. In it, players collect cards and battle their friends in live multiplayer engagements. But if that sounds a little too time consuming, we’ve got plenty of other fun games to check out. From cartoon racing games to speed solitaire to an Indiana Jones parody and a pug adventure game, there’s a lot to like in this week’s top games. Have a look!

Order & Chaos Duels (Free)

Fans of collectible card games should take a close look at Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Duels – Trading Card Game. It’s a classic battle of good and evil come to life in a collectible card game. Players create a hero and collect over 250 cards that they can use in live multiplayer battles against other human beings. Order & Chaos Duels also offers up longer quests and adventures for players looking for more than just one-on-one battles. Note that Order & Chaos Duels is free to play but there are in-app purchases for special abilities that enhance gameplay and assist players along the way.

Nitro (Free)

Cell-shaded racing games aren’t exactly new but Nitro, developed by Z2, might be the best looking app in the bunch. Aside from its sleek 3-D cartoon visuals, Nitro also boasts real-time multiplayer for up to six racers. For those who prefer their racing in a solitary environment, Nitro also offers players the chance to race against AI baddies called “The Rivals.” Nitro also features time trials, so you can practice as well as customize cars by upgrading body kits, superchargers, exhausts and spoilers.

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Solitaire Blitz (Free)

If you like your solitaire with a little more urgency and frenzy, Solitaire Blitz from PopCap is the game for you. Solitaire Blitz demands players clear their decks in under 60 seconds. It doesn’t get much more urgent than that! Luckily Solitaire Blitz offers some fun incentives for playing along including different characters for each deck, various awards for in-game achievements, and treasures like rare trinkets and coins to purchase boosts to make Solitaire Blitz even faster. This isn’t your grandma’s solitaire at all, that’s for sure.

Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder ($2.99)

In Indiana Stone, you are the boulder. No longer must you run from certain death, instead enjoy the opportunity to be the certain death. Players roll along through locations in Egypt, China and Indiana as they try to crush the Indiana Jones look-alike so eager to escape. The visuals are a retro treat, like playing a game designed with very ugly Lego blocks! Whether you’re playing story mode, a quick roll game, or the endless mode, TwinSky Games’s Indiana Stone certainly brings something new to the app game arena.

Pug Run ($0.99)

Downloading Tic Toc’s Pug Run seems like a no-brainer, if only to have that adorable app icon on your iPhone homescreen. But the game is pretty interesting, too. Players play as a pencil sketch of a pug named Bogart as he tries to connect with his owner and come to life. The player has to collect pencils and coins to purchase treats for Bogart that will keep him alive and running towards his owner, the young boy who drew him. With a unique art style and fun gameplay, Pug Run is great for gamers of all ages.

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