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Open Table update tops iOS Apps of the Week

Sep 23, 2012

Hopefully by now everyone is clutching their shiny new iPhone 5 tightly. But if you can manage to pry yourself away for a minute you’ll find that we here at Appolicious have another great set of iOS apps of the week well worth your time. There are a few included that use features of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 and a few that are just as interesting on your iPhone 4S.

OpenTable (update)

While hardly a new app, OpenTable’s latest update benefits from a little iPhone 5 love. The restaurant reservation app has a few iPhone 5-specific features that sure look appetizing. For starters, the app’s “Great Tables” feature lets users see which restaurants have tables available tonight, while an enhanced mapping feature displays restaurants in a whole new way. While OpenTable was solid prior to the iPhone 5, the “Great Tables” feature makes it even better for spur-of-the-moment fine dining. At Bat (update)

The baseball season might be coming to an end in just a few weeks, but that isn’t stopping the At Bat app from taking advantage of iOS 6. At Bat users can now get Passbook delivery for game tickets in select ballparks. Currently AT&T Park in San Francisco, Citi Field in New York, Fenway Park in Boston and Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City support the passbook feature. iPhone 5 users will also enjoy video now formatted in 16×9 thanks to the improved screen on the latest iPhone.

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Deal Finder

School is back in session and if there’s one thing kids like, it’s super cheap deals on everything. Deal Finder fills that niche by offering up a list of the closest student discounts to the user’s current location.  Search results can also be filtered by business type, day and time. Deals found in Deal Finder can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.  While there’s no definitive list of colleges and universities supported via Deal Finder, it seems likely that with increased popularity, more and more would be added regularly.

Skitch (update)

Anyone who finds comfort in the old cliché “a picture says a thousand words” should be pleased with Skitch. The app lets you take photos and draw on them like you’re a regular Perez Hilton. Take a photo of your garden and sketch lines where you want to plant those new rose bushes so the issue is absolutely clear, or just make funny faces on old party photos. The big news here is that Skitch has finally made its iPhone debut after honing its craft on the iPad. Some users have complained that the re-designed app isn’t what it used to be, but if you need to augment your photos with some added direction, Skitch is worth a look.

Brushes 3

Would be Picassos should check out Brushes 3. This universal painting app promises “ultra fast painting” thanks to an OpenGL-based painting engine so every line is smoothly recreated on your iPhone screen. Paintings can be made in dimensions up to 2048×2048 with brush sizes up to 512×512 pixels. There are 14 parameterized brush shapes to choose from and adjustable settings provide for spacing, jitter and scatter.

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