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Official WWE iPhone app delivers what’s expected, but little else

Aug 27, 2012

Although the WWE has had numerous one-off apps for big pay-per-view events (like their official SummerSlam app and the THQ-made WrestleFest game), it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that they finally put out an official app for the company as a whole. As a brand app, WWE has all the features you might expect, but unlike the TV product it is based on, it rarely surprises.

The WWE app has a few main features that make it comparable to any other sporting league’s app. The home screen acts as a news page, where fans can see the latest stories on their favorite WWE shows, a “Superstars” page where users can check out bios of their favorite wrestlers, an “Events” page with a listing of upcoming WWE live events and then finally, a fan-interaction page called “My Universe.”

“My Universe” is basically a collection of tweets about the WWE hashtagged with a specific geographical location. By selecting my location as Chicago, IL, I saw a series of tweets with the hastag #WWEChicago. The tweets are all fan-generated, so they’re not exactly the most interesting to read, but they’re about as unique as the WWE app gets.

The rest of the sections aren’t bad by any means, but they don’t provide much incentive to use the app, either. Unless you were dying to look up photos and video clips for random wrestlers, there’s little reason to check the WWE app out unless you’re an absolute super fan.

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