New iPhone apps worth downloading: YAKiT, FREEQ, Space Cakes

May 6, 2013

Create video messages with any photo you’ve got with YAKiT. The app lets you alter photos to cut out a “mouth” that you can then animate – so for example, imagine sending a goofy voice recording that’s spoken by an animated Ryan Gosling. FREEQ is our second pick today, a game that lets you tap into a story taking place in the future and the past with the use of a special machine that lets you listen in on, and redirect, the characters’ phone calls. Finally, Space Cakes appeals to kids by letting them bake cakes filled with weird ingredients from outer space, while simultaneously teaching them number concepts and early math skills.

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YAKiT (Free)

What’s it about? YAKiT is something of a video messaging tool. It lets you send audio messages you record to friends or share them on social networks, but also allows you to create moving videos out of still images to do so.

What’s cool? There are plenty of apps out there that let you record audio or video in order to send messages, but YAKiT is something else. It helps you to create something akin to video memes and attach messages to them. For example, screenshots on the app’s iTunes store page show the user taking a photo of the Grumpy Cat meme, cutting out its chin, and animating the image so that it looks like Grumpy Cat is speaking the message. The mouth animation can be applied to any image, making for some funny means of sending recorded voice messages to others, and they can be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a funny way to send a voice message, YAKiT can help.

What’s it like? Try Snapchat for more photo and video messaging capabilities, and Meme Generator for sending more funny memes of your own creation.

FREEQ ($1.99)

What’s it about? Story-based game FREEQ is about monitoring airwaves for transmissions between characters, which are actually occurring in the future and the past – allowing you to change the outcome of events by connecting calls.

What’s cool? FREEQ tells a pretty interesting story. Using your FREEQ device, you can tap into telephone conversations that happened at different points in time and actually do some light time-traveling by listening in. You also have the ability to affect the connections of those phone calls, so as the story of several characters unfolds through the course of the game, you can change what happens by directing their calls to people they didn’t mean to contact. Those interactions alter what happens in the story, who is affected, what their relationships are, and the ultimate outcome. It’s a nice bit of science fiction with a uniquely mobile-feeling gameplay style.

Who’s it for? If you like your games to be about stories and you like time travel or science fiction, check out FREEQ.

What’s it like? Another game that’s based entirely on sound is SixthSense, and you can get more story-based gameplay out of Trial of the Clone.

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Space Cakes (Free)

What’s it about? Geared at helping kids learn mathematics, Space Cakes is about gathering ingredients and baking cakes – in space!

What’s cool? Players fly around space in a rocket in Space Cakes, with the goal of gathering important ingredients in order to make baked goods. The game provides clues that guide the search for ingredients, and once they’re gathered, you can add them together in the right quantities and with the right molds to create a cake. The game is also filled with special “space toppers” to go on top of the cake that can be discovered along the way, and offers a lot of customization of cakes to make them fun and unique. You can also send photos of the cakes you create to others through email or social media.

Who’s it for? Space Cakes is designed to appeal to young kids and help them with the early foundation of math skills, by teaching number value concepts.

What’s it like? Motion Math: Hungry Fish and Math Puppy are a couple of other great math-based games for kids of various ability levels.

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