New iPhone apps worth downloading: Yahoo! Weather, Fish Out of Water!, Knight Storm

Apr 19, 2013

We kick off this week with Yahoo! Weather, which brings you new weather features like heat maps and interactive satellite displays, as well as a prettier interface that features weather images relevant to your area. We’ve also got some new games: Fish Out of Water!, the latest from Halfbrick Studios, the minds behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, and Knight Storm, a 3-D medieval-themed games with lots of jousting.

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Yahoo! Weather (Free)

What’s it about? Yahoo! brings you all the weather data you could need to your iOS devices, including radar data and beautiful photos to go with it.

What’s cool? Weather apps are usually pretty boring, but Yahoo! means to combat that perception by making Yahoo! Weather as beautiful and visually appealing as possible. For a start, it includes big, beautiful photos (pulled from Flickr) to go with its weather forecasts. You get the kind of data you expect – temperatures, precipitation, and so on – as well as live radar feeds, extended outlooks, interactive hear maps, satellite feeds, and sunrise and sunset times.

Who’s it for? If you’re in need of a strong weather app that’s also nice to look at, Yahoo! Weather has you covered.

What’s it like? Both The Weather Channel and Weather+ also offer useful takes on keeping you up on the forecast.

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Fish Out of Water! ($0.99)

What’s it about? Fish Out of Water! has players throwing various fish as far as they can by swiping, in order to skip them across the water and gain the most distance possible.

What’s cool? Fish Out of Water! is kind of like the javelin event in track and field. Your goal is to throw three fish as far as you can, skipping them across the water along the way. The more skips and distance you pick up, the higher your score will be at the end of three throws. You also have a number of different fish to choose from, each with different properties and abilities that help them go farther or skip more. The key is to make good, clean throws, but also pick the right fish for the job to get high scores in all categories. The ability to join online “leagues” makes Fish Out of Water! fun and casual, while also being competitive among friends and players around the world.

Who’s it for? Casual players, Fish Out of Water! is a fun way to kill five minutes, but you can still stay competitive with your friends on Facebook or Google+.

What’s it like? Grab Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, two of Halfbrick’s other great titles.

Knight Storm (Free)

What’s it about? Knight Storm puts players into the world of medieval warriors, with lots of jousting and tournaments to fight in, monsters to kill, and improvements to make on your kingdom.

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What’s cool? Players of Knight Storm take on the role of – you guessed it – a knight, who has recently inherited the throne of a kingdom. Your job is to make your realm better through a number of means, like earning money to make improvements to your city and forge new armor. You’ll fight in jousting tournaments to make a name for yourself, and work through a single-player quest line that includes dealing with other countries and jousting along the way.

Who’s it for? If 3-D knight duels and jousting sounds like fun, you’ll enjoy Knight Storm.

What’s it like? Try Horn and Wild Blood for more duels and medieval-themed action.

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