New iPhone apps worth downloading: Yahoo News Digest, Robocop, Castle Doombad

Jan 12, 2014

Get the most important headlines of the day with today’s first app worth downloading, Yahoo News Digest. Yahoo’s latest news offering provides headlines twice a day, showing you the stories that matter most, from a variety of different sources. Following that are a pair of solid offerings from the games department – up first is Robocop, a third-person cover shooter based on the movie reboot, and second is Castle Doombad, a tower defense game in which you must protect your evil castle from invading heroes.

Looking for even more news apps? Try these.

Yahoo News Digest (Free)

What’s it about? Born from Yahoo’s acquisition of news app Summly, Yahoo News Digest provides users with big stories in a more newspaper-life format.

What’s cool? Lots of news apps allow users to pick what kinds of news they want to see while ignoring the rest, and that can be really helpful in getting you the kinds of stories you want to see, especially if they’re in overlooked categories like science. But Yahoo News Digest takes a more classic approach: It provides two daily digests of what its editors consider the most important stories of the day, more like a newspaper than a constant news feed. The app uses technology from Summly to gather news from lots of different sources, so you know you’re catch all the most important info of the day.

Who’s it for? If you want to stay up to date on the day’s most important headlines and facts, check out what Yahoo News Digest has to offer.

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What’s it like? You’ll find other solid news delivery apps in Google Currents and Newsy.

Looking for even more shooting games? Try these.

Robocop (Free)

What’s it about? Based on the upcoming movie, Robocop puts players in the role of the titular cyborg in a third-person cover shooter.

What’s cool? Part man and part machine, Robocop is Detroit’s best hope to stem the tide of crime in the future. That’s at least part of the plot of the upcoming Robocop remake, and for players of the Robocop game, it means they’ve got tons of bad guys to shoot or capture as they enforce the law. Robocop puts players in the role of the cyborg cop across a number of different missions, in which you’ll have to take cover behind different objects and fight enemies who are also taking cover and trying to blast you. Moving from position to position is key to staying alive, and you’ll also be able to blast away at enemies’ cover in order to expose them. Over time, you’ll earn new weapons and upgrades for Robocop to make you an even more powerful and effective law enforcement officer.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Robocop movie, as well as solid third-person cover shooters, will have a lot of fun with this one.

What’s it like? Other great cover shooters with slick-looking graphics and high-intensity action include Epoch.2 and Shadowgun.

Looking for even more tower defense games? Try these.

Castle Doombad ($2.99)

What’s it about? As the evil villain Dr. Lord Evilstein, you need to protect your castle – and the kidnapped princess inside – from hordes of heroes trying to rescue her, using various traps and minions.

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What’s cool? Castle Doombad is described as a bit of a take on tower defense, but instead of defending yourself from bad guys, you’re fighting off good guys on quests to defeat you. In order to get rid of them, you’ll set up traps all over your castle, which you see from a side view, rather than from above. Placing traps at choke points and complimenting them with minions and other traps is key to success, and you’ll be able to upgrade your traps to make them more effective over Castle Doombad’s 45 levels. You can also unlock an Endless mode for even more challenge.

Who’s it for? Fans of tower defense games who are looking for a humorous take on the tropes might want to check out Castle Doombad.

What’s it like? You can also set up a dungeon and protect it from a variety of heroes in Tiny Heroes.

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