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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Wine Spectator WineRatings+, Moveline, NFL Pro 2013

Oct 5, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to start off the week. Wine Spectator: WineRatings+ is a refreshed app offering a lot of great content for free, or even more for a small monthly subscription. Moveline, despite only offering its services for the New York metro area currently, is still a great way to make moving day that little more palatable. NFL Pro 2013 is a new football game from Gameloft with improved graphics and more realistic action, plus better team management options.

Wine Spectator WineRatings+ (Free)

What’s it about? This great new app from the specialist wine magazine is perfect for oenophiles everywhere.

What’s cool? For free, readers can browse Wine Spectator’s comprehensive vintage charts, watch video and enjoy the daily news feed. For $2.99 per month, users receive access to the entire database of wine ratings, which is automatically updated with more than 1,000 new reviews each month.

Who is it for? Existing users of the older Wine Spectator VintageChart+ app (which this one replaces) can update to the new app for free, but access to the premium features requires a $2.99 monthly subscription, available as an in-app purchase. That’s still less than it costs for a single glass of wine!

What’s it like? There are a few other wine apps in the iTunes App Store, though many don’t have the expertise and breadth of coverage that Wine Spectator offers. Still, oenophiles should check out Hello Vino and Wine Ratings Guide.

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Moveline (Free)

What’s it about? Moveline offers a way to help you organize, compare prices, and make decisions about your upcoming move.

What’s cool? Moving is always fraught with tension, so any help (even in app form) is welcome. You tell the app what you’re moving, and it returns a detailed inventory including an estimate of the boxes you’ll need to pack. After reviewing the inventory, you can then receive price quotes from local and long distance moving companies.

Who is it for? If this all sounds great (and it is) the big catch is that the price quote and moving services are only for companies in the New York City metro area currently. Let’s hope more cities are added soon! Nevertheless, this app is a still a great concept.

What’s it like? There are a few apps that can assist when you’re moving like Moving Checklist Pro, My Things or Moving Day, but none of these offer the kind of features that Moveline offers.

NFL Pro 2013 (Free)

What’s it about? Gameloft’s newest free-to-play football simulation is deeper, richer and more realistic than ever.

What’s cool? The official NFL license means you can play as any team. You’ll experience better graphics and animations this time round. There’s a new management system in place so you can control every aspect of your team including hiring players, upgrading stadium income, and practicing various plays so you can pull them off perfectly when it counts.

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Who is it for? Fans of NFL Pro 2012 will appreciate these new updates and enhancements as well as the smooth motion-capture technology for improved realism. Football fans can’t go wrong, especially for free, but as is common with Gameloft titles, in-app purchases for extra credits are often necessary to get the most out of it.

What’s it like? Football fans might prefer to check out Madden NFL 12 (one assumes an updated version of that will emerge soon), NCAA Football or NFL Kicker 13 as an alternative to NFL Pro 2013.

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