New iPhone apps worth downloading: WebMD Pregnancy, Castle Champions, Crushin’ Robots – NYC

Mar 15, 2013

Our leading fresh app today is WebMD Pregnancy, a medical app overflowing with information and assistance for when you’re expecting. We’ve also got some great games to help you kill time in your doctor’s waiting room: Castle Champions, a title that has you building and managing a castle so you can field a team of warriors, and Crushin’ Robots – NYC, an arcade game.

WebMD Pregnancy (Free)

What’s it about? The latest app from WebMD focuses on helping expectant mothers and couples through pregnancy with tips and information along the way.

What’s cool? WebMD Pregnancy includes a ton of information if you’re expecting, packing some 626 articles on different elements of pregnancy to help bring you any and all information you might need. It includes a week-by-week educational tutorial that can help moms learn what’s happening to their bodies and with their babies, allows you to make lists of questions to ask your doctor, and makes keeping track of important parts of your pregnancy easy. It also includes things like quizzes to help moms educate themselves about pregnancy and a whole lot more.

Who’s it for? If you’re expecting a baby, WebMD Pregnancy is a great resource.

What’s it like? Check out WebMD’s other handy apps: its standard WebMD app and WebMD Baby.

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Castle Champions (Free)

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What’s it about? Players in Castle Champions create and manage a medieval castle filled with businesses and peasants, in order to create a fighting team that competes in strategic battles.

What’s cool? Your job in Castle Champions is to build a towering castle that produces all kinds of money. That’s accomplished by adding levels to the tower as you earn more, then turning the rooms in those levels into apartments for peasants, or businesses at which they can work. As peasants earn money, you can turn additional rooms into places where you can train warriors like archers, swordsmen and mages, as well as powerful heroes. You’ll need those warriors, because every few minutes, your castle is engaged in a battle with other teams in your “league,” and you’ll need to field a team that can beat back the hordes for glory. Winning battles earns you additional money and other bonuses, and you’ll need to upgrade your team and learn to maximize your strategies to be successful.

Who’s it for? If you enjoy light strategic gameplay combined with management simulation stuff, Castle Champions is right up your alley.

What’s it like? Castle Champions borrows a lot from the mechanics of Tiny Tower, so if you like this, you’ll like that.

Crushin’ Robots – NYC (Free)

What’s it about? Robots are washing up in boats in New York City, and it’s your job to keep them from overrunning the city by beating back the mechanical monstrosities with a number of different items in Crushin’ Robots.

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What’s cool? Crushin’ Robots is an arcade game in the style of older titles, with simple mechanics but a lot of challenge. Your job in Crushin’ Robots is to crush robots – they’re attacking New York and you’re the only one who can stop them. Tapping on the rows of attacking robots lets you fight them back by throwing things like wrenches and propane tanks at them, and you’ll need to keep the robots from crossing the street and destroying stuff, as well as from scaling your building to stop you. The more robots you take down, the higher your score will grow as you increase your point multiplier.

Who’s it for? Fans of old-school arcade titles will enjoy Crushin’ Robots.

What’s it like? You might enjoy games that are similarly aimed at an arcade sensibility, like Frogger and Planetary Command.

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