New iPhone apps worth downloading: Walkby, Dungeon Hunter 4, HEAVY – sword

Apr 11, 2013

Walkby is an app that lets you follow stores and brands (specifically in Chicago) to get notifications on new items when they go on sale. Also, some big games just hit the iTunes App Store, including Dungeon Hunter 4, the latest in Gameloft’s impersonation of Diablo role-playing games, and HEAVY – sword, a platformer that takes a page from the playbook of Nintendo’s classic titles.

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Walkby (Free)

What’s it about? Walkby turns your shopping into more of a social experience by allowing you to “follow” your favorite brands and shops, and get updates about them that might inspire your fashion choices.

What’s cool? You can find the things you never know you wanted with the help of Walkby. The social shopping app leverages a network of local merchants by letting you “follow” them the way you might on other social networks, getting updates about brands and stores and seeing potential products brought to you through the app. When something new shows up in a store you like or goes on sale, Walkby lets you know – and if it’s something you like, you can snag it straight from within the app with zero hassle and without even needing to go to the store. If you’d rather see it in person, Walkby helps you set up a reservation to head to the store and try the item on.

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Who’s it for? Walkby is focused on Chicago stores and retailers, so users who live in the city will get the most out of it, but it’s something anyone who likes shopping help can check out.

What’s it like? Anthropologie and AE are another pair of solid shopping apps for fashion-forward folks.

Dungeon Hunter 4 (Free)

What’s it about? The latest in Gameloft’s series of isometric action role-playing games, Dungeon Hunter 4 again sends players into dungeons to fight monsters and gather loot.

What’s cool? Taking a page from the well-loved Diablo series on PC, Dungeon Hunter 4 sends players out into the world to fight demons in another of high-production value title from Gameloft. Featuring some dynamite 3-D graphics and an involved single-player story, Dungeon Hunter 4 is primarily a game in which players choose a class of hero and go adventuring to find weapons, armor and gold in vast dungeons filled with monsters. Dungeon Hunter 4 also includes a cooperative mode and a competitive multiplayer mode, so you can join the battle with other players as well as play alone.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Diablo titles and other action-RPGs should have a good time with Dungeon Hunter 4.

What’s it like? The other Dungeon Hunter games, such as Dungeon Hunter 3, are good, as is ORC: Vengeance.

HEAVY – sword ($0.99)

What’s it about? Platformer HEAVY – sword pays homage to classic platforming adventures such as Super Mario Bros., placing players on a mission to save a kingdom and a princess using (as you probably guessed) a heavy sword.

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What’s cool? Players of HEAVY – sword will likely recognize a lot of early 8-bit and 16-bit influences from the history of classic games. Titles such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and the Legend of Zelda are clear inspirations of the title, and it mixes their elements well – you’ll grab power-ups from special blocks, while also cutting down enemies with your special sword. Working through each of the game’s levels tasks you with collecting coins and fighting off bad guys, while also exploring for secrets and gaining things such as new weapons and armor.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of classic platformers and action-adventure games of the old Nintendo lineup, you’ll get a kick out of HEAVY – Sword.

What’s it like? Check out The Other Brothers for another Mario-inspired platformer.

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