New iPhone apps worth downloading: VSCO Cam, Plonk, Scurvy Scallywags

Jun 10, 2013

Today brings us some apps all about the finer things in life, like beautiful and artistic photography, fine wines, and pirates! VSCO Cam has been re-launched in a big way, offering an impressive alternative camera/editor with an air of authenticity about it. Plonk, meanwhile, helps newbie and veteran wine drinkers alike learn about wines and wine culture through a streamlined and stylish interface. Finally, Scurvy Scallywags is a funny new match-three game with RPG elements, offering a bit more substance than currently popular games of similar style.

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VSCO Cam (Free)

What’s it about? VSCO Cam is a an elegant app dedicated to helping you create authentically artistic photography, with filters that enhance your photos rather than define them.

What’s cool? Technically the second version of a pre-existing app, this re-launch of the Visual Supply Company’s primary app is all about intuitive editing and innovative image processing technology. The remarkable app offers plenty of filters, including optional ones available for purchase, and neat features like a before and after viewer and the VSCO Journal, which is full of inspiration and tutelage. Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to photography, but without sacrificing resolution or quality, I must say that the end results of this app can be extremely impressive. In addition, if you had the old app, it’s pretty easy to transfer your old library into the new app.

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Who’s it for? Any iPhone photographer who wants a great camera and editor in one easy to use package should definitely give this a look, even with all the other options.

What’s it like? The big one would be Camera+, which is also free. Others, like ProCamera, will cost you. For simple editing, I’d recommend Snapseed.

Plonk (Free)

What’s it about? Do you want to feel like a cultured and refined connoisseur of fine wine, but you have no idea where to start? Plonk is your app.

What’s cool? I’m not exactly the kind of guy who one associates with words like “refined” or “connoisseur,” and to this day I’ve yet to find a wine that I really like. But with Plonk, I have a wealth of information at my fingertips, from different wine styles and a periodic table of grape types. I can keep track of wines that I’ve tried in the past, and look them up by country, or match different wines to appropriately complementary foods. With Plonk, you can have the right wine for every occasion, and even learn how to pronounce all those fancy-shmancy names, totally impressing your date or family members with your knowledge and tastefulness!

Who’s it for? Anyone who is interested in learning more about wine from pretty much any aspect, including people who just want to find the right wine for them.

What’s it like? A very similar yet less stylized and minimalist take on this idea can be found in Hello Vino – Wine Reccomendations

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Scurvy Scallywags ($0.99)

What’s it about? A surprisingly epic match-three game from legendary designer Ron Gilbert. I shouldn’t need to say much more, but I will.

What’s cool? Ron Gilbert, for those of you not in the know, is a veteran game designer who worked for Lucas Arts in the golden age of adventure games, such as Secret of Monkey Island. As an homage, the island in this game has the same name. Essentially, you move from area to area in an epic pirate quest for treasure and booty, fighting zombie pirates along the way. Rife with RPG elements, your main character and enemies appear as pieces on the board. You need to build up combos to increase the captains skills enough to take on said zombies, adding a lot of strategy to a very casual game type.

Who’s it for? This game is for anyone who likes match three titles, but is tired of the freemium in-app purchase pushing elements or just wants something with a bit more charm and depth.

What’s it like? It’s very similar in spirit to Puzzle Quest 2, though more on the comical side than the epic side. 10000000 is also a great innovative match three.

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