New iPhone apps worth downloading: Viralheat, Haunting Melissa, Frozen Synapse for iPad

May 17, 2013

Start the week by managing your social networking feeds a little easier with Viralheat. It aggregates your feeds and accounts from multiple social networks into one app, allowing easier updating and analytics on how well your posts fare. Haunting Melissa is an experimental, chapter-based horror film, and is brought to you by the producer of The Ring. Finally, strategy game Frozen Synapse brings tons of turn-based intensity and lots of multiplayer offerings for iPad players.

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Viralheat (Free)

What’s it about? Manage lots of social network feeds all at once with Viralheat, an app that aggregates your updates so you can post to lots of different accounts.

What’s cool? Keeping track of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks – and your updates to all of them – can be a pain, especially if you’re updating on behalf of a brand or a business. Viralheat takes off some of the pressure by allowing you to post from one place to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, and also gives you the ability to schedules posts for later. You can add photos and other media just like when posting organically to your social networks, and the service provides analytics to give you insight into how much traction your updates are gaining.

Who’s it for? If you could use some help managing your social networking, check out Viralheat.

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What’s it like? Both Hootsuite and Ubersocial offer handy ways to manage your social media networks.

Haunting Melissa (Free)

What’s it about? Follow the horrific story of the disappearance of a girl named Melissa in experimental film making project Haunting Melissa.

What’s cool? Divided into chapters and with the first one being free, Haunting Melissa follows a horror story about a girl named Melissa, and tells the story in something of a more interactive way than other horror films. Among its creators is Neal Edelstein, producer of films such as Mulholland Dr. and The Ring, and the app releases its chapters slowly and in pieces, which is part of the overall presentation experience.

Who’s it for? Fans of horror movies, Haunting Melissa is an experiment right up your alley.

What’s it like? Try The Nightjar and Stricken for more spooky story offerings.

Frozen Synapse (iPad) ($6.99)

What’s it about? Turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse makes the leap from PC to iPad to bring new players in to the urban combat simulation.

What’s cool? Frozen Synapse is a game in which players direct squads of soldiers around virtual worlds by carefully plotting out their orders and motions. Your goal in each level is to provide each of your characters with orders of what to do, with actions taking place in short bursts. But while it’s sort of turn-based, Frozen Synapse has all characters, both yours and those belonging to your opponents, executing all their orders at the same time, so the game allows you to simulate what might happen before you commit to your actions. Making smart decisions is key to victory, and the game includes five different multiplayer modes to go with its single-player offerings.

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Who’s it for? Strategy fans, Frozen Synapse is a great title to play alone or with friends.

What’s it like? Check out Crimson: Steam Pirates and Anomaly: Warzone Earth for two more great strategy games.

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