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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Vine – Make a Scene, American Idol Official, Bumpin’ Uglies

Jan 25, 2013

Twitter has a new app in the iTunes App Store that’s geared toward sharing short loops of video, and it takes the first slot in today’s haul of apps worth downloading. Next up we showcase American Idol Official, a second-screen app for the popular TV show, and Bumpin’ Uglies, a physics game where you take over the genepool of some ugly, goofy creatures.

Vine – Make a Scene (Free)

What’s it about? The latest app from Twitter is Vine, an app for sharing short, looping videos.

What’s cool? Like other social networks, you can find friends and others and see what videos they’re posting, leave comments and read the comments they leave on yours. You can also see the trending topics and videos curated by Vine’s editors.

Who’s it for? Social networking fans who are interested in a newer kind of sharing should give Vine a look.

What’s it like? For more social sharing, give Twitter and SocialCam a try.

American Idol Official (Free)

What’s it about? The twelfth season of the hit show American Idol just kicked off, and you can follow all the action with the American Idol Official app.

What’s cool? American Idol Official is something of a second-screen app for when you’re watching the show each week. It allows you to vote for your favorite performances in real time and engage with other fans by chatting with them as you’re watching the show unfold. The app also supports streaming on-demand videos for additional context.

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Who’s it for? It’s for American Idol fans who want more content and to learn everything they can about contestants and judges.

What’s it like? Check out Idol Fans and Steven Tyler’s AppSoLewdly for more American Idol stuff.

Bumpin’ Uglies (Free)

What’s it about? Physics-based arcade puzzler Bumpin’ Uglies is about bringing ugly creatures together to pass on their traits and take over the gene pool.

What’s cool? “Uglies” are little armless, legless creatures with various traits like buck teeth and huge eyes, which you design. The gameplay of Bumpin’ Uglies has players trying to get their ugly from one side of the level to the other by flinging it, with the goal of bumping into an ugly at the each levels’ end. When that happens, new uglies are created with a mix of traits, and fewer moves produces a larger litter of critters.

Who’s it for? If easygoing physics games are your thing, Bumpin’ Uglies is a fun addition to the genre.

What’s it like? There are a lot of similarities to be seen in games such as Angry Birds and Hairy Balls.

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