New iPhone apps worth downloading: Twitter #music, Triage: Email First Aid, Fist Face Fight

Apr 24, 2013

Looking for something new and awesome to listen to? Find yourself some new music by leveraging the power of the crowd with Twitter #music. The app searches through Twitter to find out what’s popular and what’s emerging, and lets you listen to it as well. We’ve also got Triage, and app that helps you manage your email inbox when it gets a little out of control, and Fist Face Fight, a casual arcade game about punching ninjas.

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Twitter #music (Free)

What’s it about? The latest app from Twitter helps users of the micro-blogging social network leverage its millions of users to find and share new music.

What’s cool? Twitter #music scours through the many tweets that pop up every second on the social network to find the most popular music, as well as emerging artists, and make it possible to listen to all of them. Popping open #music presents you with several pages that you can swipe through, and each one presents you with different search categories to find lots of different music to try. You can listen to the tracks you discover through iTunes, Rdio or Spotify straight from the app, and share them with your Twitter followers.

Who’s it for? Twitter fans in search of new music, you now have an app that bridges the two.

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What’s it like? Check out Timbre for another option for music discovery, and Spotify for stuff you can listen to.

Triage: Email First Aid ($1.99)

What’s it about? Having trouble keeping on top of your ever-mounting email inbox? Triage can help, making it easy to organize your inbox quickly, without the need for a whole new email client.

What’s cool? Sifting through emails can be a huge pain, especially at jobs where tons of messages come through each day that aren’t all important. Triage doesn’t replace your other email clients, such as Gmail or Apple’s Mail app – instead, it just lets you more quickly and easily deal with the irritations of your inbox. The app presents all your messages as a stack of cards that you can flick out of your way quickly, sending them down to archive them, or up to keep them in your inbox for later. Tapping a message shows you its full contents, and gives you a chance to fire off a short reply to go with it.

Who’s it for? Anybody overwhelmed by too many emails should give Triage a try to clear them out.

What’s it like? Gmail and Yahoo! Mail offer a pair of email client alternatives that can also help you get your messages organized.

Fist Face Fight (Free)

What’s it about? Battle ninjas as a giant disembodied fist in Fist Face Fight, in which you’re tasked with scoring points and defending a heart from attackers.

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What’s cool? Fist Face Fight is a fairly simple arcade game, where your major control is tapping, and your goal is to fight off ninjas bent on your destruction. Tapping enemies sends your giant fist at them, and some ninjas take more than one tap to defeat them. Meanwhile, there are things you have to dodge by moving your fist clear, like bombs dropped by defeated ninjas and knives thrown from off-screen. The ninjas are trying to destroy a heart at the bottom of the screen, and it’s your job to keep it protected while also gathering coins and racking up points.

Who’s it for? If you like casual games and punching ninjas in their faces, check out Fist Face Fight.

What’s it like? Try Punch Quest for another addictive game about punching bad guys.

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