New iPhone apps worth downloading: Tip or Skip, Out of the Question, Lie Swatter

Apr 8, 2013

Get your shopping on and help identify the latest trends before they’re trends with Tip or Skip, an app that asks your opinions on products, and lets you follow other trend-setters to find cool new things. We’ve also got children’s book Out of the Question for iPad, which follows the story of a pair of twin girls, one of whom can float in the air, and Lie Swatter, a humorous game that asks you to identify which of two weird facts is actually a lie.

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Tip or Skip (Free)

What’s it about? Compare products and help to drive trends and make tastes with Tip or Skip, an app that’s part shopping and part game that asks for your opinions.

What’s cool? Tip or Skip presents its users with tons of (potentially) cool products and asks for a simple judgment: “tip” or “skip.” The app helps you to find cool things you might potentially want to buy and also allows you to help create and fuel trends as they’re happening through its social media functions. As you compare products, you can also follow other users who have similar (or may different) tastes from you and see what they’re liking as well. You can share your tips with other users and friends, and everything you like is compiled onto a page you can browse and use to shop.

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Who’s it for? If you like shopping and enjoy being on the front edge of trends, check out Tip or Skip.

What’s it like? Check out Swirl and TrendArY for more potential trends and easy shopping access.

Out of the Question (iPad) ($3.99)

What’s it about? Children’s book Out of the Question follows the story of Angelika, a 10-year-old girl who has the mysterious ability to float, and her twin sister as they find themselves embroiled in an adventure.

What’s cool? Angelika can float in the air, but her twin sister, Angelina, can’t. That’s the central premise of Out of the Question, a children’s book app that comes with a fully narrated story to help kids who aren’t reading yet (or who are starting to learn). The story is also animated to make it engaging, and includes sound effects and music to make it more than just a storybook. The story itself follows the twins as they adventure takes them to the sea, where they encounter characters such as a pink whale, making this a good one to keep kids occupied or help them as they start reading on their own.

Who’s it for? Out of the Question is aimed specifically at kids and best appeals to those around reading age or younger.

What’s it like? Green Eggs and Ham and Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventure are also entertaining children’s books that can help kids on the path to learning to read.

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Lie Swatter (Free)

What’s it about? Social game Lie Swatter asks you to separate truth from fiction in crazy facts, and to challenge your friends to do the same.

What’s cool? Lie Swatter comes from the same people who created the hilarious trivia game You Don’t Know Jack, and presents you with two statements, one of which is a lie. Correctly identifying the lie earns you points over time, and you can use Facebook to share your results and challenge friends to see how good their BS detector is. There are a ton of categories and the game is marked by developer Jellyvision’s trademark humor. Lie Swatter comes in a free version, or you can pay for an in-app upgrade to lose the ads and unlock unlimited play.

Who’s it for? If you like You Don’t Know Jack and playing games with your Facebook friends, try Lie Swatter.

What’s it like? As mentioned, trivia title You Don’t Know Jack has a lot of the same humor and Facebook connectivity capabilities.

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