New iPhone apps worth downloading: ThingLink, DexKnows, Ninja Warrior Game

Jun 3, 2013

Communicate with your friends and family in new and interesting ways with ThingLink, today’s first app worth downloading. It allows you to add hotspot links to images you share that can include text, video and more. DexKnows is next, bringing users tons of information about local businesses, including reviews. Finally, Ninja Warrior turns the popular obstacle course TV show into a side-scrolling platformer to challenge your thumbs.

ThingLink (Free)

What’s it about? Photo- and video-sharing app ThingLink lets users add things to their media, like putting text notes in videos or even adding private videos.

What’s cool? ThingLink lets users annotate images when sharing them, which makes for tons of little tap-able spots on shared images that can present other bits of information or communication. Users snap a photo with ThingLink, then add things like YouTube videos or text into the image. All the added content is contained in small tappable buttons on the image, so the links are add-ons are both unobtrusive and easy to spot. You can share your ThingLink images on Facebook and Twitter, or through email, allowing you to turn images into a new form of communication.

Who’s it for? If you’re already an avid iOS photographer or a fan of sharing images, ThingLink offers new capabilities.

What’s it like? Grab Phonto and InstaQuote for more apps that let you add text to images.

DexKnows (Free)

What’s it about? Find local businesses that you need quickly and easily with DexKnows.

What’s cool? Business app DexKnows gives you the inside scoop on businesses near you, helping you to find exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. The app can give you insider info, like which gas stations are cheapest near you, what’s on the menu at a nearby restaurant, and how other users have reviewed different businesses. You can also share your experiences with other users on Twitter and Facebook and create lists of your favorite businesses.

Who’s it for? Users looking for info on local businesses can find it with DexKnows.

What’s it like? Another tried-and-true app for business info and reviews is Yelp, and you can get local information from Yellow Pages as well.

Ninja Warrior Game ($1.99)

What’s it about? Based on the TV show of the same name, Ninja Warrior is a platformer that has players facing obstacle courses that test their physical abilities.

What’s cool? Though you don’t have to go through rigorous training to play Ninja Warrior the way you might if you were going to be on the show, the side-scrolling platformer version of the obstacle course-crossing experience is still a challenge. Ninja Warrior puts players on track to complete 30 different challenges, requiring them to avoid obstacles and exercise skills in order to beat each course as quickly as possible. Ninja Warrior also includes online leaderboards that you can use to track your progress against other players, and is set to include competitions so you can play against others around the world and see how you match up.

Who’s it for? Fans of “Ninja Warrior” on TV and competitive platforming titles will find a lot to enjoy here.

What’s it like? Check out Turbo Racing League and Tetris Blitz for two more titles that include regular tournaments against other players.

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