New iPhone apps worth downloading: Temple Run 2, Facebook Messenger update, Infestor

Jan 18, 2013

The super-popular Temple Run saga is back with a sequel that’s bigger and better, and it kicks off today’s apps worth downloading with fast-paced endless-runner action. It’s also a big day if you’re a fan of Facebook Messenger, as the app received a significant update. Finally, there’s Infestor, a new platformer from the makers of the phenomenal League of Evil game series.

Temple Run 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Temple Run is back and improved in basically every way, allowing you to jump back into the running game genre with Temple Run 2.

What’s cool? It’s an endless running title from the behind-the-back perspective and combines swiping and tilting controls for maximum navigation. If you’ve played the first Temple Run, you know the drill here, but this sequel is even better. The graphics have been improved, the environments are bigger and more varied, and there are more power-ups and obstacles popping up in each run. It successfully brings back Temple Run while making the premise feel fresh, instead of turning this sequel into a retread.

Who’s it for? If you like endless runners, you definitely must try Temple Run 2.

What’s it like? Of course, this one shares similarities with Temple Run, but you should also try One Epic Knight and Pitfall!, two games that riff on the formula in smart and interesting ways.

Facebook Messenger update (Free)

What’s it about? Facebook’s Messenger app lets Facebook users contact each other through the social network’s Chat function, and now includes voice calling.

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What’s cool? I know, I know – we just talked about Facebook Messenger about a week ago, when the app added the ability to send Push-to-Talk voice memos to other Facebook users, effectively giving you voice messaging capabilities. That was nice, sure, but now Facebook has rolled out the ability to make free voice-over-Internet calls to any Facebook user, which is way more useful. Add the features that Messenger started with, like the capability of sending text messages to people on the Facebook web site, and you have an extremely versatile messaging app with a billion users.

Who’s it for? Facebook users, you’re going to want this app. It’s way too useful.

What’s it like? You should also grab the standalone Facebook app, and you can get similar voice-calling capabilities from Skype.

Infestor (Free)

What’s it about? Control a biological weapon that can take over the minds of the people it infects in this platformer.

What’s cool? Playing as a ball of slime is not something that happens incredibly often in mobile games, but Infestor makes it work by pitting you against humans with your secret ability of taking over their minds. As you work through each side-scrolling level of this platformer, you have to take over the humans to keep them from shooting you or to use their powers to get you to the end of each level. Some humans are fast and jump far, others can move heavy objects, and others have offensive powers. Utilizing the right human for the job, and not getting killed in the process, takes thought and skill.

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Who’s it for? If you enjoy your platformers with a bit of puzzle work, try Infestor.

What’s it like? You should also try League of Evil and League of Evil 2, a pair of great platformers created by Infestor developer Ravenous Games. It also has shooter Random Heroes on offer in the App Store.

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