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New iPhone apps worth downloading: TBS Social Dugout, Blue Note by Groovebug (iPad), Re-Volt Classic

Oct 8, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to enjoy. TBS Social Dugout is a good companion app while you’re watching the MLB postseason on TV over the coming weeks. You can even gain rewards for taking part. Blue Note by Groovebug is a beautifully-presented iPad app showcasing the best of the historically-interesting jazz label. Lastly, we’ve got Re-Volt Classic, a great remake of the classic Dreamcast/PC game featuring radio-controlled cars speeding around some cool locations.

TBS Social Dugout (Free)

What’s it about? Now that the MLB postseason is well underway, this accompanying app can enhance your viewing of the playoff games on TBS.

What’s cool? The app is like a game that rewards you for watching. You can earn medals based on real-time playoff moments, take part in prediction challenges, and comment on the action. The more you watch (and the more Facebook friends you invite) the better you do in the game. You can turn-in the credits you earn for real rewards like discounted tickets or merchandise.

Who is it for? Fans of postseason baseball who want a bit more of an interactive experience while viewing the games on TV might get something out of TBS Social Dugout. If you love to have your say about managerial decisions and plays on the field (Coco Crisp’s basket catch anybody?), it’s a good app to have on board.

What’s it like? There are a few apps out there that “gamify” TV viewing, like Viggle or GetGlue. Baseball fans may also want to check out the discounted At Bat service during the playoffs if you want to keep up with all the action on-the-go.

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Blue Note by Groovebug (iPad only, Free)

What’s it about? Here’s an exciting iPad app that lets you experience the sights and sounds of the legendary Blue Note Records.

What’s cool? The app offers high quality streaming audio, iconic album covers, original session photos, live performance videos, articles from around the web, historic newspapers, and handcrafted playlists. The app is free initially, with 30-second clips, but an in-app ($1.99/month) purchase activates a deeper catalog of full-length songs, and hundreds of hours of content for subscribers.

Who is it for? The app is great for both music lovers who want to learn more about jazz and the famous label, as well as discerning aficionados who need to dig deeper.

What’s it like? Groovebug, the company behind this, also have their own dedicated iPad app which is a personalized media music magazine and discovery engine. Fans of jazz may also want to check out The History of Jazz from 955 Dreams or the WBGO app.

Re-Volt Classic ($5.99)

What’s it about? Here’s a fun revival of the classic PC/Dreamcast radio-controlled car racer, ideally suited for your handheld iOS device.

What’s cool? With Retina visuals and tailored touchscreen controls, Re-Volt lets you drive your RC car through 14 different tracks like suburbia, the Wild West, a museum and a cruise ship. There are 42 vehicles of all shapes, sizes and speeds, and five different ways to play including championship and single-race modes.

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Who is it for? If you played the original PC/console version, this reboot does a really great job of capturing the spirit of the original and works well on the smaller screen. Really, all it lacks is a multiplayer mode, but perhaps we’ll see that in an update. Even if you never played it first time round, it’s a fun time to be sure.

What’s it like? Check out other titles like RC Mini Racers and Nitro RC or Playroom Racer 2 if you like the whole radio-controlled racer thing. However, Re-Volt’s high production values (and higher price of admittance) put it a notch above these offerings.

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