New iPhone apps worth downloading: Swoon update, StarComposer, Ancient Battle: Rome

Sep 11, 2013

Today we’ve got a massive update to Swoon, the app that helps you meet total strangers with minimal awkwardness. Once you’ve met someone and go out on your first date, you can show off your musical prowess with StarComposer, a totally simple and toy-like way to make your own original music. If your date isn’t impressed by that, you can really wow them with your peerless military mind in Ancient Battle: Rome, a solid new hex turn based strategy game!

Swoon update (Free)

What’s it about? Swoon is an app that helps you find people in your area that might be interested in actually meeting you!

What’s cool? The way Swoon is designed, you can anonymously ‘Like’ profiles as you scroll through them. If one of the people you like happens to also like your profile, only then will you each be notified, and can move forward. Since it’s location based, this isn’t terribly unlikely! It’s nice because it helps you quickly get over some of those initial hurdles. The app just re-launched, with a big 2.0 update, which honestly makes the app what it should have been in the first place. But the developers listened, and implemented tons of the features people wanted, such as easier photo viewing, a ‘second chance’ feature, profile previewing, a tutorial, and much more.

Who’s it for? People looking to date who are willing to meet people in fun new ways.

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What’s it like? You can always check the other big online dating options, OKCupid and Zoosk.


StarComposer (Free)

What’s it about? Do you want to make your very own music for free, and have some fun doing it? StarComposer is for you.

What’s cool? Not really meant for anyone near the spectrum of a serious musician, StarComposer looks to help you make some original music totally free. With the cartoony style, it seems more like a music making toy, but it’s still a pretty good one. You can choose from over a hundred pre-recorded loops, record your own voice, and even make a little cartoon music video to share on YouTube and Facebook. You start with pop and dance for free, but can buy 8 other styles in-app, including Rock, Funk, Metal, and Dubstep. Good for either kids or adults, this is a simple and fun music toy for the whole family.

Who’s it for? People who just want to have some fun making some music tracks.

What’s it like? Another app that turns music making into a game is Musyc. For a more professional app, there’s always Garage Band!

Ancient Battle: Rome ($1.99)

What’s it about? A hex-tiled turn based strategy game based on real historical battles with hours and hours of gameplay.

What’s cool? Hex-tile turn based strategy and historical war games go together like peanut butter and jelly. Few combinations are as popular among strategy fans. Ancient Battle: Rome, let’s you play through two campaigns; The Gallia campaign as Roman and Gaul, and the Italia campaign as Ceasar and Pompey. There are plenty of ancient units to choose from, including legionaries, archers, catapults, elephants, cavalry, and more. If you really like the game, you can buy two more campaigns in-app; Germania and Britannia. Definitely recommended for strategy gamers who want to wage ancient war on the go.

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Who’s it for? Any strategy gaming fan. People who like some history in their gaming (with varying degrees of accuracy)

What’s it like? For a fantasy take on the genre, check out Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion. For an even simpler, more unique take, check out Greed Corp HD

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