New iPhone apps worth downloading: Style Jukebox, Evernote Food update, Alien Hive

Mar 20, 2013

Find you’ve got more music than you have space to house it all? You might try today’s first app worth downloading, Style Jukebox. It provides you with cloud storage space that allows you to save your music online and stream it from the Internet, getting around the problem of a hard drive. We’ve also got an update to Evernote Food, an app that lets you save recipes and restaurants, and Alien Hive, a match-3 title that puts you in the driver’s seat of alien evolution.

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Style Jukebox (Free)

What’s it about? Cloud music app Style Jukebox lets users access their entire music libraries on their iOS devices, downloading tracks from the cloud.

What’s cool? In the modern age, with digital distribution of music having ramped up so greatly with the launch of Apple’s iPod and other digital music players, lots of people own more digital music than they have space on their mobile devices to store it all. Cloud storage apps such as Style Jukebox have the solution, allowing you to save your music remotely on the Internet and access what you want of it on your mobile devices a little at a time. Style Jukebox allows you to stream tracks from its cloud database, or download them straight to your device for offline playback. You’ll need a Style Jukebox account to do the saving first, but you’ll also get space for your first 1,000 songs for free.

Who’s it for? If you’ve got more music than space on your iPhone, check out Style Jukebox as a solution.

What’s it like? Amazon’s Cloud Player is another cloud music alternative, while Spotify lets you stream music from its database, rather than your own.

Evernote Food update (Free)

What’s it about? Evernote Food does for meals what Evernote’s service did for taking notes, allowing you to save and share info about all the food you eat.

What’s cool? Whether you like exploring new restaurants or taking on new recipes, Evernote Food makes it easy to document all your culinary experiences. You can use the app to save recipes for later, document the food you try at your favorite restaurants, and share your meals with others on the Internet through social networks. The app lets you add notes to your various meals and recipes so you can remember what you thought and where you had them, and also includes the ability to search for restaurants and bars near you to find new places to check out. Evernote Food’s big new update includes a bunch of new features, such as the ability to create a new food journal with photos, make restaurant lists for your favorites, and start your own cookbook to fill with recipes – plus much more.

Who’s it for? Foodies who like keeping track of their meals and find the best meals they can should definitely check out Evernote Food.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out the standard Evernote app, as well as Fooducate.

Alien Hive (Free)

What’s it about? The match-3 genre gets extraterrestrial in Alien Hive, a game in which you’ll try to fast-track evolution by matching items on a grid.

What’s cool? If you’ve played match-3 titles before, you’ll get the gist of Alien Hive almost immediately. At its core, it’s a game about matching objects – specifically alien embryos that can turn into larger lifeforms. Every time you match three objects, it yields one object of greater value, and the idea is to continually improve your hive until you’ve evolved one of several varieties of aliens. Each level presents you with a limited number of moves on the grid, dictated by “energy,” which you can restore by matching other objects, like plants and crystals. The more you match, the more you earn in energy and gold, which you can apply to power-ups that give you more options.

Who’s it for? If you like match-3 titles, Alien Hive will give you a fresh take on the genre with some new strategy requirements.

What’s it like? Titles such as Triple Town and Chip Chain also make use of similar mechanics to great effect.

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