New iPhone apps worth downloading: StudyBlue update, Build Your Q, Plants vs. Zombies 2

Aug 16, 2013

Get set up to kick butt as you head back to school with StudyBlue, an app that lets you create online flashcards to help you prep for tests and quizzes. Our first app worth downloading today, it just got a new update that adds tools to help teachers use the app to determine where students are struggling, too. We’ve also got Build Your Q, a video-streaming app that lets users pull in video from sources like Netflix and YouTube and queue them all together. Finally, the award-winning Plants vs. Zombies has a sequel, and it’s finally out – Plants vs. Zombies 2 is here, providing fans of casual strategy games with tons more levels to play and new plants and mechanics to use to pummel the undead hordes.

StudyBlue update (Free)

What’s it about? StudyBlue is a study app that lets users create a variety of online flashcards that can be searched, viewed from various different devices, and studied just about anywhere.

What’s cool? Quizzing yourself on the things you’re studying can be a great way to make sure you really do know everything you need for your next big test, and StudyBlue works to help make studying easy by giving users lots of tools for creating flashcards. You can use your iOS device to create cards using photos, text and audio, and save them to your StudyBlue account to access them anywhere. You can also see stats to help you focus on where you need to concentrate most in your studies, make yourself reminders about studying you have to do, and even message your classmates through the app. StudyBlue just got an update that’s focused on teachers who use the app – it’s “Class Stats,” which allows teachers to see where students are struggling in lessons so they can help them pick up the slack.

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Who’s it for? Students and teachers alike will find a handy study tool in StudyBlue.

What’s it like? You can make more flashcards with Flashcards+, and get more study help with Study Smart.

Build Your Q ($0.99)

What’s it about? Stream video content from multiple sources with Build Your Q, a video app that allows you to create a queue that doesn’t require bouncing from one app to another.

What’s cool? Finding videos to watch can be a pain, especially when they’re spread across multiple services and apps. Build Your Q allows users to funnel videos from multiple locations into the same app, eliminating the need to switch between other video apps – while also allowing you to create a continuous queue of videos that you can watch in the app. Build Your Q lets you pipe in movies and TV shows from Netflix and videos from YouTube and Vimeo, with more sources coming soon. You can also quickly browse all the available sources, see and share recommendations, and access and alter your Netflix queue quickly and easily.

Who’s it for? If you’d like an uninterrupted queue of streaming videos regardless of their source, or the ability to search through multiple video services at once, Build Your Q is your app.

What’s it like? Both Netflix and YouTube are great for streaming video to your iOS devices with their own individual apps, and Build Your Q also offers a free version.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

What’s it about? The sequel to the super-popular, award-winning Plants vs. Zombies brings in new gameplay features and levels, sending players on a time-traveling romp through the ages.

What’s cool? Like the last Plants vs. Zombies game, players’ main task in Plants vs. Zombies 2 is to use various sorts of plants to fight against incoming zombies and keep them off your lawn. You do that by using different varieties of plants for different jobs – pea shooters for basic defense, potatoes to slow down approaching enemies, sunflowers to generate more resources, and so on. Plants vs. Zombies 2 expands on the formula in some key ways, however, offering new plant varieties for players to utilize, as well as new zombies to kill, and new upgrades that can be earned and purchased to make plants even more effective. There’s also a time-travely storyline to work through and new abilities that let players pinch and flick zombies, adding a new dimension to their strategies.

Who’s it for? If you like casual strategy games with a cartoony, humorous twist, you need to be playing Plants vs. Zombies 2.

What’s it like? The original Plants vs. Zombies is an uber-popular game for a reason, so make sure to give that a go, too.

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