New iPhone apps worth downloading: Stickr, Horror Movie Maker, Swing King

Jan 9, 2013

Up first in today’s list of fresh apps is Stickr, an app for creating digital stickers to place on your photos. In the middle position is the Texas Chainsaw 3D promo app Horror Movie Maker, which really does help you make horror movies (at least small ones). Finally comes Swing King, a physics game about swinging around side-scrolling levels.

Stickr ($1.99)

What’s it about? Stickr is a photography app that lets you create your own digital stickers and add them to photos.

What’s cool? If you like adding a little expression to the images you snap or access with your iOS devices, Stickr is a solid way to do it. The app includes 110 different templates across five categories, all of which can be customized with your own written messages and added to images saved in your Camera Roll. Stickr also comes with photo filters, which you can apply to the images as well. Once you’ve added your “stickers,” you can share the finished products through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Who’s it for? If you like customizing photos and images in a variety of different ways, you might want to try Stickr.

What’s it like? Over HD, an app designed for adding text to images, is a solid alternative to Stickr, as is TextIT.

Horror Movie Maker (Free)

What’s it about? A promotional app for Texas Chainsaw 3D, Horror Movie Maker allows you to instill your own iOS device-shot videos with horror movie special effects.

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What’s cool? Some promotional apps create poor games based on their properties, or simple depositories of information about the movies on which they are based. Horror Movie Maker takes things a step further by actually being useful. The app helps you set up horror movie scenes to film with your friends, and also includes a pair of filters for your videos to give the shots that horror movie look. You can even add horror special effects to your films.

Who’s it for? Horror movie fans and would-be filmmakers, Horror Movie Maker might be something you’ll enjoy.

What’s it like? Another great promo app for wannabe filmmakers is Super 8, which actually provides users with filming options that approximate a real Super 8 camera.

Swing King ($0.99)

What’s it about? The side-scrolling arcade puzzler Swing King has players swinging from place to place, gathering stars and fighting bosses.

What’s cool? Taking a page from physics titles such as Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, Swing King is all about swinging your character from point to point across each level of the game. You can send him flying by pulling back and sling-shotting him the same way you would the birds in Angry Birds, but you’ll also need to use different items to bounce around to different locations, create new anchor points, and get all the stars in each level. You’re judged by the star count in each stage, as well as how quickly you solve it, and snagging lots of stars allows you to access boss fights at the end of each area.

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Who’s it for? Players who like physics games and arcade will enjoy Swing King’s zany puzzles.

What’s it like? As mentioned, Cut The Rope has a similar vibe and emphasis on swinging; another title with a lot of the same rules is Contre Jour.

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