New iPhone apps worth downloading: Splurge, USA Today for iPad update, Super Dragon

Nov 20, 2012

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the next day is Black Friday. Prepare for the latter with today’s leading fresh app, Splurge, or stay home and catch up on the news with the newly updated iPad version of USA Today. Finally, we’ve got physics puzzler Super Dragon, which will hopefully help you relax.

Splurge (Free)

What’s it about? Deal app Splurge checks the web for different limited-time deals and brings them to you in one place.

What’s cool? Many of you are probably preparing to shop until you drop this weekend, and Splurge can make that a little easier. The app aggregates deals from a number of sources around the web, so you can search, scroll through results, and make your purchases. The deals are also curated, which weeds out the duds for those that are worth your attention.

Who’s it for? If the prospect of squeezing every penny and getting up early to capitalize on shopping festivities this weekend appeals to you, grab Splurge.

What’s it like? For more limited-time offers, try Groupon and LivingSocial.

USA Today iPad update (Free)

What’s it about? The official iPad app of national newspaper USA Today just received a big update to make getting your news easier.

What’s cool? USA Today’s iPad app has a completely redesigned user interface that gives readers a lot more options for how they consume news. For one, you can switch between a more traditional newspaper format, or a grid of headlines for faster scanning. The app also lets you save stories to read later or read summaries instead of full articles.

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Who’s it for? USA Today subscribers are the target market here, so if you like the paper, give the app a try.

What’s it like? Other great and extremely popular newspaper apps include the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

From the Appolicious Community: Ten Giggly Gorillas from Wasabi Productions offers a complete sensory reading experience and with text highlighting, positive social / moral lessons and 100% family-friendly features, it’s an excellent choice. It’s also on SALE this week for $0.99 (usually $2.99) so why not download today to enjoy with your 2-6 year old!

Super Dragon ($0.99)

What’s it about? Super Dragon is a physics game not unlike Angry Birds, in which players take on a role of a dragon who uses his fire-breathing destruction to get himself some hard-to-reach false teeth.

What’s cool? A puzzler with similar mechanics to Rovio Mobile’s super-popular Angry Birds franchise, Super Dragon distinguishes itself by adding a lot of other little elements to the game. The goal in each level is to shoot a fireball at a high point above the dragon to make a set of false teeth drop down to him, but in order to knock the teeth free, you often have to avoid obstacles like rain clouds. To do that, you need other items, which can be found around each stage if you’re smart, and used to your advantage. The addition of items and different obstacles sets Super Dragon apart.

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Who’s it for? Casual gamers and Angry Birds fans will enjoy Super Dragon’s change of pace.

What’s it like? Of course, there’s Angry Birds, which does “shooting things at other things to destroy them” really well. Another game that utilizes the same principles to great effect is Siege Hero.

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