New iPhone apps worth downloading: Soundwave Music Discovery, ShadowMe update, CrossMyWord

Jun 25, 2013

Find new great songs to listen to with today’s first app worth downloading, Soundwave Music Discovery. It lets you see what other people are listening to – be they your friends, celebrities you like, or whoever – to discover new great songs to enjoy. We’ve also got ShadowMe, an app that lets you see Twitter timelines of other people and find out what things they like. CrossMyWords is our final pick, a game in which two players create crossword puzzles on the fly for the other to solve.

Soundwave Music Discovery (Free)

What’s it about? Find new things to listen to by checking out what your friends and family are enjoying, and help them find new music by sharing your own.

What’s cool? The toughest part of finding new music to listen to is cutting through the junk you won’t actually like. Soundwave Music Discovery helps with that issue by letting you see what people you know and whose tastes you trust are listening to – turning it into a bit of a social network for good songs. The app lets you track down songs from friends and family, as well as from athletes and celebrities, and you can also localize your searches by area to find out what’s popular in a city, a neighborhood, or even a building. And you can share all your own plays, too, so people can use you as a good source of great music.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking for new music, Soundwave can help.

What’s it like? See what your friends and others are listening to using Spotify and Twitter #music.


ShadowMe update (Free)

What’s it about? ShadowMe is an app for Twitter that gives you unique insight into other users by showing you what they see on their own timelines.

What’s cool? Sure, it’s easy to see what people on Twitter say about the things they like and are interested in. As it stands, the microblogging social network allows you to construct a timeline filled the thoughts and posts of various people – but what if you could see Twitter from the point of view of someone else? ShadowMe lets you check out the Twitter timeline of anyone, be they a celebrity or just a friend, to see who they follow and what they’re interested in. The result is learning more about a person and finding cool things to read, watch and check out by seeing what people you respect think is worth following. ShadowMe’s new update throws in a new menu for easier navigation and adds lots more “recommended shadows” to help you find new people to check out.

Who’s it for? Twitter users, ShadowMe can give you new information about what friends and celebrities think is cool.

What’s it like? Try the original Twitter app and Tweetbot for two more great ways to access Twitter.

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CrossMyWord (Free)

What’s it about? Expand your love of crosswords with CrossMyWord, a game that lets you create your own crossword puzzles and then challenge other players to complete them.

What’s cool? Lots of games are packed with crossword puzzles and other word games to challenge you, but CrossMyWord is a game in which the puzzle-creation is on you. The app pits you against another player and charges both of you with building a crossword puzzle on the fly for the other person to solve. You can play against friends or random opponents from around the world, and you can play as many as 20 CrossMyWord games simultaneously.

Who’s it for? If you like crosswords and competing against other players, CrossMyWord has plenty of both to offer.

What’s it like? Grab NYTimes Crosswords and Crosswords Plus for lots more puzzles to solve.


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