New iPhone apps worth downloading: Songza update, Memorandom, Star Command

May 2, 2013

Find perfect playlists to fit your weekend with the help of the Songza iOS app. It hooks you up with curated music playlists for different situations, like hitting the gym, entertaining guests, and more. Up next is Memorandom, a social networking app designed around shared memories that lets you chat and share items with only the people who were involved, rather than your entire galaxy of Facebook friends. Finally, there’s Star Command, a mixture of simulation and strategy that basically makes you the captain of your own version of the USS Enterprise.

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Songza update (Free)

What’s it about? Songza provides the right music at the right time by sending streaming playlists designed by its “music experts,” tailored to different circumstances, like hitting the gym or falling asleep.

What’s cool? Organizing your music into various playlists can become a pain, especially when you have a huge collection of music through which to dig. Songza takes the grunt work out of creating specific playlists by offering those built by music experts. Need to pump up for the gym? Songza has playlists for that. Need to set the mood for a date? There’s playlist for that, too. You can also browse curated libraries of playlists to find something more to your taste and share your favorites on Facebook or Twitter. Songza’s newest update redesigns things a bit and throws in new features, like the ability to type in your activity and let the app provide music, audio enhancements for your headphones, and the ability to pull up all the curated lists related to a single artist.

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Who’s it for? Music fans who are looking for more variety and experience-driven tracks, but don’t want to be hassled setting up their own playlists for every situation, will find Songza useful.

What’s it like? Find and stream more new music with the help of Twitter #music and Spotify.

Memorandom (Free)

What’s it about? Social networking app Memorandom is for saving and sharing your memories with only the people who matter most.

What’s cool? Memorandom is for memories, but rather than posting photos of your favorite moments to Facebook, it allows for a more private reminiscence with just the people who matter to you – specifically, the people with whom you created those memories. You can share and annotate your photos, describe what happened, where and with whom, and then create chats around those memories with the people involved. Chat functions act like text messaging between you and your friends or family that are arranged by topic, and you can search for past memories to keep track of them and the conversations that spring up around them.

Who’s it for? If a more private social networking experience sounds appealing, try Memorandom.

What’s it like? Another social network that lets you share your life with only the people you care about is Path.

Star Command ($2.99)

What’s it about? Take control of your own spaceship and crew in Star Command, a simulation/strategy title in which you more or less get to live out episode after episode of Star Trek.

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What’s cool? Star Command is a simulation game that picks great subject matter to simulate. If you’ve ever watched Star Trek, you’ll immediately understand what that means. You get to play captain, assigning crew to various workrooms around your ship, where they do their jobs when you inevitably run across hostile alien enemies. When that happens, you need to act fast to charge your weapons, produce ammunition, keep your shields up and repel invaders. Where you send your crew and at what time affects which systems are running and how fast things charge up, but you’ll often need to drop what you’re doing to fight off Antorians who teleport over and storm your bridge.

Who’s it for? If you’re into science fiction, Star Trek, the PC indie game FTL or sims of any kind, Star Command will beam a lot of fun your way.

What’s it like? Check out Epic Astro Story and Ascendancy, which each offer simulation and strategic gameplay fun – in space!

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