New iPhone apps worth downloading: SkyMotion, Huffington Post update, Beastie Bay

Feb 25, 2013

Make sure your plans this week aren’t interrupted with today’s leading fresh offering, SkyMotion. The app uses weather radar from across the country to let you know exactly when rain or other events are coming your way. We’ve also got an updated Huffington Post app for iPad that brings an improved user interface to the news app’s presentation, and Beastie Bay, a simulation title about capturing and battling monsters.

SkyMotion (Free)

What’s it about? Weather app SkyMotion uses weather radars from across the country to pinpoint what the weather is like where you are, and more usefully, when rain could start down to the minute.

What’s cool? In order to accurately predict exactly when the weather’s going to change, SkyMotion taps 200 weather radars from across the country and extrapolates the information they share. The app provides a minute-by-minute rundown of precipitation coming your way, with refreshes on the data coming every five minutes. You can also save an unlimited number of locations, so you can see what’s going at a number of places at any given moment.

Who’s it for? Anybody who can use minute-to-minute weather forecasts should give SkyMotion a look.

What’s it like? Both The Weather Channel and MyRadar Weather Radar are both solid alternatives to SkyMotion.

Huffington Post for iPad update (Free)

What’s it about? Online news website Huffington Post’s app version brings articles, headlines, and real-time updates to your tablet.

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What’s cool? Huffington Post provides the iPad users with a mobile experience that’s a lot like what’s available on the website, but great for navigating with a touchscreen. The news site brings you the latest headlines in a number of categories, from science and politics to national and international news. You can also easily share stories with others across various social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Huffington Post’s new update adds a user interface redesign, the ability to set authors and sections as your favorites, and streaming video from the HuffPost Live online news show.

Who’s it for? If you like Huffington Post or staying up on news in general, check out Huffington Post for iPad.

What’s it like? You can get more solid news from other outlets, such as NYTimes and CNN.

Beastie Bay (Free)

What’s it about? Developer Kairosoft’s latest simulator game has players capturing and battling monsters against one another (think Pokemon), while also creating and managing a town.

What’s cool? Kairosoft is known for its addictive simulation titles, usually geared around creating towns from the ground up and sending characters to do jobs. That’s the core of Beastie Bay, as well – you’ll create a homestead on a strange island filled with beasts, which will occupy most of your time. Like other pet battle games, Beastie Bay is all about capturing creatures and training them to fight other creatures, which will allow you to upgrade their abilities over time. Between battles, you’ll be managing your town to make help it grow and leveraging its success to make your creatures stronger.

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Who’s it for? If you like simulator titles like Kairosoft’s and monster battle games such as Pokemon, you’ll get a kick out of Beastie Bay.

What’s it like? Try Kairosoft’s other favorites, such as Game Dev Story, and Monster Life for another monster-battle simulator title.

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