New iPhone apps worth downloading: Shoppio, Math 42, A Ride Into The Mountains

Jul 30, 2013

Today’s list of apps worth your attention starts with Shoppio, an app that gives you access to a mobile market wherever you are. With Shoppio, you can sell your own items, buy things listed by other people, and even trade or rent – it’s up to you. Up next is an app geared at students: Math 42, a homework helper app that asks you intelligent questions to help you solve a math question you’re stuck on, helping you to learn more efficiently. Finally, A Ride Into The Mountains sends players on a horseback ride to fight evil creatures with only a bow and arrow.

Shoppio (Free)

What’s it about? Turn your mobile device into an all-in-one store with Shoppio, an app that lets you buy, sell, trade and more wherever you are.

What’s cool? Shoppio is an interactive mobile marketplace, not unlike auction site eBay or other such websites. The app lets you buy and sell just about anything – just snap a picture of the item and you’re ready to sell, or search the app’s huge inventory for what you’re looking to snag for yourself. The app also supports trades, rentals, loans, or whatever transaction you want to make. You can also share your items with friends on Facebook, or choose to only deal with people you know and trust, and Shoppio accepts PayPal payments as well as credit cards.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for something specific to buy or hoping to sell your old stuff, try Shoppio.

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What’s it like? As mentioned, eBay offers some similar buying and selling capabilities, and you can scan classified ads (and stuff to buy or sell) from Craigslist.

Math 42 ($4.99)

What’s it about? Math 42 helps students improve their math skills and complete math homework by offering intelligent suggestions to help kids figure out tough problems on their own.

What’s cool? Math can be one of the toughest things for students in classes to learn, especially as problems get more complex in later grades. Math 42 looks to help students learn math concepts and apply them to homework by giving them a little bit of help – you can enter your troublesome questions into the app, and it’ll provide you help with finding the answer, but without actually just giving it to you. Math 42 gives detailed steps on how to solve the problem with different methods and explains each one, helping students to apply the things they’ve learned in class. You can also use the app’s test mode to try your math skills and get an idea of where you need improvement, without having a grade tied to it.

Who’s it for? Math 42 is aimed at students ranging from fifth to 12th grades.

What’s it like? Check out other helpful apps such as Math. and Quick Homework Help.

A Ride into the Mountains ($0.99)

What’s it about? Minimalist arcade title A Ride Into The Mountains puts players behind the bow of Zu, a horseback archer whose family is tasked with guarding a sacred artifact located in the mountains near where he lives.

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What’s cool? The gameplay and graphical style of A Ride Into The Mountains both seem simple, at least at first. Players are riding on a horse through a number of missions, and while you’re on that horse, your job is to use your bow to shoot various evil creatures that are trying to stop you. You draw your bow by swiping and holding your finger against your iOS device’s touchscreen, and you’ll need to hold the arrow long enough to get sufficient tension in order to get fast, strong shots. As you ride, you’ll also be able to tilt your device to move Zu around the screen, in order to dodge incoming projectiles. The game requires you to be thinking in two directions at once – focusing on aiming and firing, while also dodging – and does a great job of being simple and easy to learn, but tough to master. A Ride Into The Mountains also has a simple, pixelated graphical style that actually winds up being quite understated and beautiful.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy arcade games with interesting mechanics should try A Ride into the Mountains.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy the tilt-based shooter Tilt to Live, and Yabusame MAX, another title focused on horseback archery.

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