New iPhone apps worth downloading: Scratch Hard, This Day in Classic Rock, Where’s My Water? update

Nov 19, 2012

Get ready for this weekend’s intense shopping with Scratch Hard, another deal-finding app that adds a few lottery-style discounts you can unlock from digital scratch cards. This Day in Classic Rock gives you a little break from thinking about turkey and 5 a.m. sales with its classic rock trivia, and an updated Where’s My Water? now has new brain-busting puzzle levels.

Scratch Hard (Free)

What’s it about? Scratch Hard finds local deals and sales and compiles them on your iOS device. It also includes special scratch-off offers that you can redeem.

What’s cool? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, Scratch Hard can make it easier to find the best deals at local stores. You can use it to plan out your shopping trip ahead of time, which is particularly useful if you plan to start at 5 a.m. The app’s scratch cards, which are like digital lottery tickets, might result in additional savings on some items, adding a degree of unique fun to all that deal-searching.

Who’s it for? Power shoppers who want to get the most out of every sale and every store.

What’s it like? TGI Black Friday and TGI Cyber Monday are a pair of deal-finding apps that seem particularly effective for the week’s upcoming shopping extravaganza.

This Day in Classic Rock ($2.99)

What’s it about? Classic Rock Magazine’s official new app includes a ton of information about the genre, geared around bringing historical updates to you each day.

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What’s cool? If you want to know more about classic rock bands, This Day in Classic Rock fulfills daily your quick fix for information. It also includes a couple of cool additions, including a trivia game and a classic rock quiz to test your fandom. There also is a huge number of Song Notes articles covering 50 different tracks, where you can read and learn more about the music and the people who created it.

Who’s it for? Obviously, this one’s specifically for people who really dig classic rock.

What’s it like? For more music quiz action, give Trivia Tunes a go. Classic Rock Radio brings music from the genre your way by using your device’s streaming capabilities.

Advertisement: Ten Giggly Gorillas from Wasabi Productions offers a complete sensory reading experience and with text highlighting, positive social / moral lessons and 100% family-friendly features, it’s an excellent choice. It’s also on SALE this week for $0.99 (usually $2.99) so why not download today to enjoy with your 2-6 year old!

Where’s My Water? update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Physics puzzler Where’s My Water? requires players to use touch controls to dig through the earth and make a path to move water through pipes belonging to Swampy the Alligator.

What’s cool? There are lots of smart puzzles found in Where’s My Water? already, requiring players to turn water into steam or freeze it into ice in order to complete them. Now, Disney is offering additional free levels every week – three of them, to be exact. But you need to log into Where’s My Water? each week and download the levels, or you’ll miss out on them forever. If they’re as diverse and challenging as the levels already available in the game, they’ll definitely be worth the effort.

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Who’s it for? Though it’s geared toward kids with its cartoon mascot, Where’s My Water? is brainy enough to appeal to puzzle fans of all ages.

What’s it like? The Phineas and Ferb-themed spin-off Where’s My Perry offers a similar puzzle experience, and for a similar feel, try Cut The Rope: Experiments.

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