New iPhone apps worth downloading: SaveUp, Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure, Mr Ludo

Oct 16, 2013

Get a handle on your personal finances and maybe win some money with today’s first fresh app, SaveUp. It’s a financial app that looks to reward you every time you save money or pay off your debts. We’ve also got Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure, an interactive storybook app for young kids that looks to teach them about the importance of washing their hands. Finally comes Mr. Ludo, a digital version of the classic board game that lets players take on opponents locally or online.

Find more apps for maintaing personal finances.

SaveUp (Free)

What’s it about? Financial app SaveUp encourages users to carefully manage their finances by offering prizes users can enter after saving up credits earned for paying bills and the like.

What’s cool? Financial app SaveUp is similar to other entries in the category in a lot of basic ways. It lets you enter your bills and bank accounts into the app to keep track of your finances, make sure everything you owe is paid, and reach financial goals like increasing your savings over time. But SaveUp looks to stand out from the pack by offering its users prizes for well-managed finances. Every time you pay off a debt or save money, you’ll earn credits that you can then use to enter contests that might award real money – a pretty solid way to encourage users to make good financial decisions.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking to keep their finances in order and maybe get a little something out of it should check out SaveUp.

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What’s it like? You’ll find other useful financial management apps in Personal Finance and Level Money.


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Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure (Free)

What’s it about? Working to teach kids the value of washing their hands, educational app Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure tells kids an interactive story.

What’s cool? One of the best ways to stay healthy and avoid passing infections among kids is just to simply keep hands clean, but getting kids to remember to wash their hands (or to actually do it) can be tough for parents and teachers. Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure hopes to encourage kids to keep their hands clean through the use of an interactive story, in which kids follow the tale of Ella and a number of other characters. The app also includes a hand-washing minigame to make washing hands fun.

Who’s it for? Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure is specifically geared at kids ages 2 to 6.

What’s it like? Check out developer SCA AB’s other educational app, A Small Lady Bug’s Big Adventure.

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Mr. Ludo (Free)

What’s it about? A digital version of the board game Ludo, Mr. Ludo challenges players to race around the board in order to be the first to escape work for the day.

What’s cool? Mr. Ludo is a new take on the board games Ludo and Parcheesi, set in the office world. Each player in the game is tasked with getting their workers out of work as quickly as possible, starting at their cubicles and working their way around the board through dice rolls. Landing on the same square as an opponent gives you the opportunity to send them back to their cubicles for an added dimension of strategy, and you can play Mr. Ludo locally with other players, with AI-controlled opponents, or online.

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Who’s it for? Fans of Ludo will want to check out this free online version of the classic board game.

What’s it like? You’ll find more great board game play in Ticket to Ride and Ludo Neo.

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