New iPhone apps worth downloading: RunKeeper – GPS update, imo messenger for iPad, Final Fantasy IV

Jan 2, 2013

2013 is officially in full swing and for many of us, that means getting into shape after a few weeks off during the holidays. An update to RunKeeper can help with that, providing runners with a redesigned app for the new year. There’s also a big redesign available for the iPad version of messenger app imo messenger, and a new role-playing port from Square Enix in the form of Final Fantasy IV.

RunKeeper – GPS update (Free)

What’s it about? GPS-enabled fitness app RunKeeper does exactly tracks your runs, walks, bike rides and hikes to help you get more information about workouts and stay fit.

What’s cool? RunKeeper’s latest update completely redesigned the app’s interface, making it easier to use and a little slicker in general. It includes new features, like the ability to add a photo of yourself when you end a run or other activity to share with friends across the app’s network.

Who’s it for? If you’re a runner, hiker, walker or biker and you want to keep an eye on your progress, do it with RunKeeper.

What’s it like? I also enjoy Zombies, Run! a great fitness app that motivates runners with an intense post-apocalyptic audio narrative.

imo messenger for iPad update (Free)

What’s it about? Messenger app imo messenger was reworked for iPad, allowing users to send text messages and even make voice-over-Internet calls to other users of the app.

What’s cool? The iPad interface for imo messenger has been completely reworked in the app’s latest update, cleaning up its controls considerably. Like other versions of imo messenger on iPhone and Android, the app is designed to let users send messages to other app users, but now the iPad app has the ability to make voice calls (for free, using your device’s data connection) to other users, regardless of what platform they’re on. You can also send voice IMs, group messages, text and photos to others.

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Who’s it for? Users who do a lot of messaging and like to make calls using their iPads, give imo messenger a go.

What’s it like? You’ll see similarities to apps such as Skype and eBuddy Messenger.

Final Fantasy IV ($15.99)

What’s it about? The latest iOS release in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IV features reworked graphics and fully voiced cutscenes, as well as old-school role-playing gameplay.

What’s cool? Final Fantasy IV is a classic among role-playing titles, like all the old Final Fantasy titles. It was originally released in the U.S. as Final Fantasy II (it was the fourth title in Japan), and brought one of the first deeper, more iconic stories to the series for Stateside players. The game also is the first to feature the “active time battle” system, which makes the menu-based RPG combat of the series a lot more tactical by allowing enemies to attack while you’re deciding what to do. With fresh graphics from its original Super Nintendo release, Final Fantasy IV is yet another must-have update for fans of the series.

Who’s it for? Final Fantasy IV is specifically geared at old-school RPG players and fans of the Final Fantasy series. If that’s you, the steep price tag is worth it.

What’s it like? Try Square Enix’s other titles: Final Fantasy I, II, and III as well as Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings II.

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