New iPhone apps worth downloading: Ringya update, Pixel People, Sortee

Jan 31, 2013

Do you have so many contacts that you’ve lost count? Check out Ringya, a contacts app that helps you sort call lists and groups for maximum efficiency. Also, two sensational games were recently released: Pixel People, a management game that’s all about cloning, and Sortee, an object-bsaed puzzle game where you put items in correct categories as soon as they appear on the screen.

Ringya update (Free)

What’s it about? Ringya is an app for groups of people, like work teams and students, that allows you to keep contact lists of everyone involved so getting in touch with them is easy and paperless.

What’s cool? With Ringya you can create contact lists based around specific groups, like co-workers or classroom peers, with the option to add photos so you can put names to faces. Lists can be shared between members of the group, so all updates to contact information cycles down to everyone. Ringya’s latest update adds the option to send contact lists to others.

Who’s it for? Rynga should appeal to anyone who likes organizing contact lists. Because you never know when you’ll need the contact information of a co-worker or the captain of your intramural dodgeball team.

What’s it like? Both Groups and Smartr Contacts help keep your phone contacts organized.

Pixel People (Free)

What’s it about? Chillingo’s Pixel People is a post-apocalyptic management simulator, where you have to rebuild the human population through cloning and construct impressive, pixelated cities.

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What’s cool? The coolest part is that you’re building a new world in outer space from scratch, and the game emphasizes creating jobs for the blank-slate clones that will populate your new world. It really makes one wonder if the current employment climate in the United States influenced Pixel People’s game objectives. Each time you get a new clone, you have to assign him or her a job, and to do so you need to combine the genes of two existing jobs to get something new. There are 150 gene combinations to discover, so Pixel People should keep you busy for a while.

Who’s it for? Pixel People is for casual gamers who love management simulations akin to Sim City, where the goal is to create entire civilizations from scratch.

What’s it like? Pixel People feels and plays like Epic Astro Story, as well as The Simpons: Tapped Out and Tiny Tower.

Sortee (Free)

What’s it about? Arcade puzzler Sortee tasks you with categorizing items as fast as possible, by throwing them across the screen into the proper receptacle.

What’s cool? Sortee seems simple at first. Items need to be sorted into categories like “red” and “blue,” so you just catch them as they cross your screen, Fruit Ninja-style. But things get more complex over time as the categories get tougher to distinguish. Sortee starts throwing out descriptors that force you to think critically about each object. The game includes more than 100 categories and 400 different objects, and packs two game modes – Classic and Fast – to keep gameplay varied and challenging.

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Who’s it for? Fans of light puzzles games that can be played for a few minutes at a time should enjoy Sortee.

What’s it like? Mechanics here feel a bit like Fruit Ninja, while Sort It! for Kids has a similar premise but skews a bit younger.

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