New iPhone apps worth downloading: Rhapsody update, CoachUp – Private Sports Lessons, Math Champ Challenge

Jul 24, 2013

Stream millions of music tracks to your iOS device with today’s first fresh app, Rhapsody. The subscription streaming service just got a big update that adds Facebook and Twitter sharing and offline play, adding significantly to the bang-for-buck ratio. We’ve also got CoachUp, an app for connecting athletes with personal coaches, and Match Champ Challenge, a math-based game that helps middle schoolers prepare for the mathematical challenges that await them at school.

Rhapsody update (Free)

What’s it about? Music streaming service Rhapsody lets subscribers listen to a huge database of tracks wherever they are, and create radio stations from your favorite artists, genres and more.

What’s cool? Rhapsody might require a subscription, but you’re getting quite a bit of bang for your buck for your monthly fee. The app includes access to some 16 million songs, which you can stream straight to your iOS device over an Internet connection. The app lets you play back by album, artist or playlist, and also brings lists of editorial staff-curated songs and provides album artwork and information to go along with the music. Rhapsody’s latest update adds offline playback support and new editorial content from Rhapsody’s staff to bring news posts and more to users. You can also share what you’re listening to with other users across Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? If you’re a Rhapsody user on your computer, or are looking for a new streaming service, grab the mobile app. Just keep in mind the subscription cost.

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What’s it like? Get more streaming options with Spotify and Rdio.

CoachUp – Private Sports Lessons (Free)

What’s it about? Connect with knowledgeable coaches and get the experience and teaching you need to excel as an athlete with CoachUp.

What’s cool? CoachUp is a network that connects people who want to give or receive private lessons in any given sport. The app allows you to search for coaches in your area and to cut through your results by filtering for things such as price and sport. You’ll find more than 50 sports covered by CoachUp, and all the coaches found therein have been vetted ahead of time by the company behind the app. There’s also an adviser system that helps users find the right coach for them, and you can read all kinds of information about each coach – and even share their profiles across social media with others.

Who’s it for? Athletes to get a leg up in a number of sports should check out CoachUp for possible coaching help.

What’s it like? You might find more potential coaches with the help of classified ad services such as Craigslist or AdConnect.

Math Champ Challenge (Free)

What’s it about? An educational game to help kids get prepped for the math they’ll face in school, Math Champ Challenge has tons of questions to help kids in middle school best their tests.

What’s cool? There are more than 2,500 math questions to challenge kids with in Math Champ Challenge, all of which are aimed at the core curriculum of U.S. schools to help prepare kids for the math they’re likely to encounter in middle school. More than the wealth of questions, though, Math Champ Challenge is aimed to turn answering questions into a game, with Game Center integration, for a start. The game also helps to make kids better at studying by providing study tips and tricks, and an analysis of problem areas to help kids improve over time.

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Who’s it for? Math Champ Challenge is aimed at kids from fourth grade to seventh grade, although it’s potentially good for other age groups as well.

What’s it like? Try to paid version of Math Champ Challenge, Schools Edition, which is geared toward being used in classrooms in particular.

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