New iPhone apps worth downloading: Reminder+, Zendesk update (iPad), Le Vamp

Mar 25, 2013

Today’s haul of fresh apps kicks off with Reminder+, an app that can help you remember to do things by sending you timed and location-based notifications. We’ve also got an update to the iPad version of Zendesk, which allows businesses to manage customer service easily. Finally, there’s Le Vamp, an endless runner title in which you don’t control the main character, but you’ll have to use touch controls to protect him from obstacles.

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Reminder+ ($1.99)

What’s it about? Get handy reminders in a number of situations with Reminder+, including when you enter or leave a specific location.

What’s cool? Reminder+ is all about keeping you up on things you might forget. Like any other reminder or clock app, it allows you to set alarms that will remind you to do things at certain times of day. You can create recurring reminders that pop up daily, weekly, or hourly, depending on your needs, and Reminder+ also allows you to set up location-based reminders using your iOS device’s GPS capabilities, so you’ll get pinged when you walk into a store about what you need to buy. You can also share your reminders with others.

Who’s it for? If you need help remembering things, or helping other people close to you to remember things, you might try Reminder+

What’s it like? Get more memory power and reminders with the help of RE.minder and Reminder App.

Zendesk update (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Zendesk turns anybody with an iPad into a customer service representative, allowing users to use the cloud to send businesses service requests and problems, and let employees deal with them in an organized way.

What’s cool? Zendesk is neat because it allows you to have a customer service department without actually having a customer service department. The app allows customers to issue you service tickets when they have troubles that go straight into the cloud-based system, and then employees on your team can grab the tickets from the app, deal with them, respond and keep track of it all. The app’s latest iPad update adds a new dashboard that makes it easier to interact with, adds a “leaderboard” to show you how well each member of your team is dealing with support tickets, and shows other metrics that let you see how satisfied your customer service is keeping your customers.

Who’s it for? Businesses that can use a little help keeping customer service organized but cheap should try Zendesk.

What’s it like? Try mWorkFlow for more organization of employees.

Le Vamp ($1.99)

What’s it about? Running title Le Vamp requires players to protect a vampire from all kinds of dangers, like sunbeams and other hazards, using touch controls to clear his way.

What’s cool? In most endless running titles, players find themselves controlling a character and doing things like dodging, ducking and jumping. In Le Vamp, you don’t control the character, but you do have to protect him. Protagonist Le Vamp runs along a path and requires you to flick pigs into his mouth to keep his strength up, use your finger to block sunbeams, grab things out of his path and more. You’ll have to leverage different abilities, as well as different kinds of touch controls, to protect Le Vamp through the course of the game and score points over time as he gets farther and farther.

Who’s it for? Fetch will probably best appeal to kids and parents playing together, but there’s a little something for everyone as well.

What’s it like? Titles such as Cut the Rope and Temple Run 2 have similar mechanics to play with.

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