New iPhone apps worth downloading: Reeder 2, Shake App update, Heroes of Loot

Sep 13, 2013

Today brings us new content feeds, new ways to create legally binding contracts, and new ways to kill massive hoards of enemies with swords and magic. Reeder 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular RSS feed readers on iOS. The big new update to Shake App brings a totally new design to your contract writing. Heroes of Loot is one of the most ambitious action heavy Roguelikes in the App Store.

Reeder 2 ($4.99)

What’s it about? A sleek and stylish sequel to one of the best RSS readers, updated and ready for iOS 7

What’s cool? The original Reeder was a favorite among iPhone users. It allowed you to sync up with Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, and several other RSS feed services, plus tons of sharing services to easily share your news all over the place. Reeder 2 does pretty much everything the original did, though with a stylish redesigned interface and loads of bug fixes. The new layout is nice, but really, in terms of services and functionality, there isn’t much of anything new here. Many customers are upset, feeling as though they paid for an update. Despite that, Reeder is still one of the best around.

Who’s it for? People who want all their news and blog updates in one convenient place.

What’s it like? Pulse and Newsify are both great apps for converting your RSS feed, among other blogs and subscriptions, into an easy to read format.

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Shake App update (Free)

What’s it about? Shake App makes legally binding contracts a simple matter for anyone and everyone to employ, headache free.

What’s cool? Whether you’re buying something from Craigslist, hiring someone to work on your website, loaning money to a friend or family member, or whatever else, you can create, sign, and send in legally binding contracts in no time flat. In the internet job market, freelance jobs are becoming more dominant and widespread, and having an app like this helps ensure you won’t get screwed. The app just got a huge overhaul in the 2.0 update, which adds so many features your head will spin. Draft saving, cross device signing, a whole new interface, and new freelance agreement templates for things like graphic design, writing, and software development.

Who’s it for? Any budding entrepreneur who wants to make things more official. Anyone who’s paranoid about not getting paid.

What’s it like? There are a few options, though they’re way less comprehensive. Contract Maker Pro is one of them.

Heroes of Loot ($1.99)

What’s it about? Essentially, this is a top down shooter RPG roguelike with great pixel art and a retro style. Awesome.

What’s cool? From Orangepixel games, one of my favorite devs behind games like Meganoid and Stardash, Heroes of Loot puts you in one of four classic fantasy classes and puts you up against a crazy number of enemies as you traverse a totally randomized dungeon, getting lower and lower as you go. Leveling up, getting more powerful spells, and even finding secrets has all been streamlined to be super simple, and there is a ton of loot and rewards to find. You can never go wrong with this developer, and this is one of their most original and ambitious projects to date. It’s super fun to mow down loads of enemies with spells, arrows, or just your sword.

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Who’s it for? People who like action heavy RPG’s. Fans of roguelikes and permadeath.

What’s it like? Cardinal Quest is a more traditional roguelike. Check out Gunslugs for more action gameplay from the same developer.

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