New iPhone apps worth downloading: ReachFast Contacts, Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, Deep Sea Deli

Apr 27, 2013

If you find yourself wasting time by constantly digging through your Contacts List, you might want to check out ReachFast Contacts. This app makes it easier to search your contacts, initiate phone calls, and save contacts for later. We’ve also got Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, an endless runner based on the film’s characters, and Deep Sea Deli, a matching game about making sandwiches for undersea critters.

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ReachFast Contacts (Free)

What’s it about? Speed up the time it takes to hunt down names from you iPhone’s Contacts List and make calls with the help of ReachFast Contacts.

What’s cool? ReachFast doesn’t replace your Contacts List, it simplifies access and navigation. The app is meant to cut down on the time you spend searching through contacts to make calls, and it does so by providing a pull-down search menu and a number of one-touch options for initiating communications. Tap a contact and you’ll start a call; swipe to send an SMS text message. The app pays attention to who you call frequently contact to give you better search results, and it can display your contacts chronologically if you happen to forget the name of someone you recently met.

Who’s it for? Business people who frequently use their phones for contacting associates and people new contacts will probably get the most out of ReachFast.

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What’s it like? Try Smartr Contacts and iContacts Pro+ for more Contact List management.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game (Free)

What’s it about? Superhero Iron Man is back, this time taking on the endless running (or flying) game genre with a host of cool weapons and Iron Man suits.

What’s cool? Tony Stark and his red and gold suit are about to return to the silver screen, which means that we’ve got a new, graphically beautiful iOS tie-in game to lead the charge. Iron Man 3 is a flying title that finds itself part of the endless runner genre – the camera is positioned behind Iron Man, and you need to move left and right to dodge oncoming traffic, missiles and other dangerous obstacles. The game also features boss fights with four major supervillains from the Iron Man universe.

Who’s it for? If you’re an Iron Man fan or enjoy endless runner titles, you’ll have fun with this one.

What’s it like? Iron Man 3 has a lot in common with Temple Run 2 and One Epic Knight, so grab those if you want a similar runner experience.

Deep Sea Deli (Free)

What’s it about? Matching game Deep Sea Deli tests your reaction time and sandwich-making skills, as you race to put together sandwiches from ingredients in order to earn the highest score possible.

What’s cool? The goal of each round of Deep Seal Deli is to clear your board of ingredients, which appear on a grid on the screen. As each customer comes down the line, you’ll get a sandwich order that includes some of the ingredients, and you need to draw a line through the right set with your finger in order to slap them between bread and make the customer happy. It sounds easy, but removing ingredients from the spots on the board will leave gaps, which prevents you from drawing uninterrupted lines. Mess up too many times and it’s game over. The faster you create your sandwiches, the more points you score. You can also earn coins to buy power-ups that can boost your point totals.

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Who’s it for? Deep Sea Deli is great for fans of casual matching games that require quick reactions and can help you kill a few minutes at a time.

What’s it like? Check out Happy Chef for another game about making food and fast reactions, and Dungeon Raid for a matching game with similar mechanics.

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