New iPhone apps worth downloading: Qwiki, WunWun update, Die for Metal

Feb 12, 2013

We start today’s roundup with Qwiki, an app that lets you turn photos into movies so you can share memories with others almost instantly. Next is WunWun, which helps you find someone to do specific tasks or provide information. Finally, we’ve got Die for Metal, a platformer with a serious heavy metal soundtrack.

Qwiki (Free)

What’s it about? Turn your pictures and videos into quick movies, complete with captions!

What’s cool? Qwiki’s coolest feature is that it can almost instantly create sharable videos by linking your photos together. The app will make the video itself with a single tap, but whatever the app creates is fully editable. After you’ve got your photos and videos together, you can even add music. Once you’ve created a Qwiki, you can share it with others through Facebook and Twitter, email or SMS message.

Who’s it for? Anyone who snaps a lot of photos with a mobile device could get some use out of Qwiki.

What’s it like? Share more photos with Instagram, and let others see your videographer chops with Socialcam.

WunWun update (Free)

What’s it about? Summon helpers to do just about anything for you (if you live in New York City) with WunWun, an app for hiring a little extra help for menial tasks.

What’s cool? Users of WunWun start by entering their billing and contact information into the app, and then entering what they need done. Examples like “walk the dog” and “do my holiday shopping” are among the app’s own, suggesting that if you’re willing to pay, you can find somebody to give you a hand with WunWun’s help. The app also has some Siri-like functions, like the ability to ask for information, all on an on-demand basis. And its latest update squashes some bugs and make the app’s overall performance better.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who could use a hand grabbing important information or getting a few minor chores done should consider trying WunWun.

What’s it like? You can use Get Maid to quickly find someone to help with the cleaning, and GigWalk to get on the other side of taking small jobs through your mobile device and get paid for doing it.

Die for Metal ($0.99)

What’s it about? Die for Metal is a side-scrolling action title that’s all about a hardcore musician fighting through a pagan world filled with spikes and other obstacles that draw form heavy metal conventions.

What’s cool? Keeping things simple makes Die for Metal an easy game to pick up, but hard to master. You have only two sets of controls – buttons for moving left and right and another for jumping – yet the obstacles you face in Die for Metal are going to test your platforming skills. You will die a lot. The tough platforming goes great with a heavy metal soundtrack and the kind of art you’re used to seeing on album covers.

Who’s it for? If you like metal, platforming, or any combination thereof, check out Die for Metal.

What’s it like? Among the great iOS platformers are League of Evil 2 and Cordy 2.

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