New iPhone apps worth downloading: Quad, Moment.Me and Space Beats updates

Dec 18, 2013

College students, our first app worth downloading today is aimed at you. It’s Quad, a group messaging app that can support as many as 500 users, which is perfect for keeping classes, clubs and organizations, well, organized. We’ve also got Moment.Me, a photo-sharing app that’s all about grouping your images into “moments,” along with those of other users. Finally, there’s Space Beats, a rhythm game based on the visual and musical work of artists Egadz.

Quad (Free)

What’s it about? Designed for the big groups found on college campuses, Quad is a group messaging app that can support as many as 500 users.

What’s cool? Fraternities, sororities, classes, clubs and sports teams at colleges can have a hard time communicating with each other en masse, and traditionally, the solution to that issue has been to use email lists to get in touch with everyone instantly. Quad provides an alternative to email lists with a chat app specifically designed for big groups – as large as 500 strong, in fact. The app allows users to become members of multiple “quad” groups, so messaging users in a number of contexts is easy. Quad’s newest updates also bring the ability to separate your communications by topic, allowing you to segment out smaller groups within the group for certain discussions.

Who’s it for? College students and users with large groups of people looking for an efficient means of communication should give Quad a try.

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What’s it like? You’ll find more group messaging services with Group Text! and Bonfyre.

Moment.Me update (Free)

What’s it about? Moment.Me is a photo-sharing app that lets users group photos together into “moments,” by sharing them between other users and friends nearby.

What’s cool? Photos are a lot cooler when they have context, and Moment.Me works to help you share more than just images by grouping photos into moments. The social network lets you add your images – and thus your perspective – to those of other nearby users and friends to create shareable “group moments” that cover a given event from lots of different angles. You can also group photos on your device into moments and share those with other users, follow people and their photos on Moment.Me’s social network, and upload images from any other social network. Moment.Me’s new update improves the process by helping to pick the best-looking, most relevant photos for your moments, and making it easier to see other images around your shared moment.

Who’s it for? Fans of mobile photography should check out Moment.Me’s sharing offerings for a new way to look at their images.

What’s it like? Other great photo-sharing apps include Instagram and Flickr.

Space Beats update (Free)

What’s it about? Rhythm game Space Beats challenges players to tap along with electronica music created by artists Egadz.

What’s cool? Space Beats is both a rhythm game and a creation of visual and musical artists Egadz. The game part of the app has players tapping wireframe orbs as come together on screen in time with its music to score points: the more accurate your taps and the more bonuses you snag, the higher your score. But the app is also a showcase for cool futuristic visuals and electronica music, and its latest update packs in 12 new levels and four new songs, as well as new features to the normal levels, as well. You can also unlock a “remix mode” for each song after you’ve beaten it, to create something new from Egadz’s material.

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Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of rhythm games, electronic music or Egadz, try Space Beats.

What’s it like? You’ll find other fun, bumping rhythm games in Tap Tap Revenge Tour and Rhythm Control 2.

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