New iPhone apps worth downloading: PRX Remix, Argus by Azumio, Miseria

Jul 10, 2013

Find great new stories to listen to wherever you are with PRX Remix, today’s first app worth downloading. It brings you stories pulled from Public Radio Exchange shows such as “This American Life” and “Radiolab” and makes streaming them easy. We’ve also got Argus by Azumio, an all-in-one fitness app that helps you meet your goals for working out and eating healthy, and Miseria, a black-and-white puzzler with a cool art style.

PRX Remix (Free)

What’s it about? Find and listen to cool radio stories from Public Radio Exchange with PRX Remix, which cuts radio shows into pieces and allows you to listen to smaller, single-story offerings.

What’s cool? If you’re a fan of public radio, you’re probably already aware of the numerous shows that are dedicated to telling the everyday, but often extraordinary, stories of different individuals. Shows such as “Radio Lab,” “This American Life” and “The Moth” are packed with stories about different people and the things they’ve done, seen, experienced and discovered. PRX Remix doesn’t push episodes of those shows your way – instead, it takes the stories from each show and makes them available individually, which means you can mix and match what you listen to and focus on the stories that grab your attention. New stories from a number of sources, including podcasts, are added each week, and PRX Remix supports up to an hour of offline listening.

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Who’s it for? If you like interesting stories from a variety of people and places around the world, PRX Remix is for you.

What’s it like? Check out NPR Addict and Radiolab to hear more great, interesting stories.

Argus by Azumio (Free)

What’s it about? Track all aspects of your fitness with Argus by Azumio, which monitors your calorie intake, your steps throughout the day and your activity to help you meet your fitness goals.

What’s cool? Good fitness is a 24-hour-a-day commitment, and Argus by Azumio looks to make that commitment a little easier to fulfill. The app turns your iPhone into a full-on fitness device, keeping track of your steps throughout the day and allowing you to log information like what you eat, what your activity level is during the day, how much water you drink and even how much sleep you get. The app uses all that data to help you make smart decisions about your fitness and track trends in your wellness. You can also create friends lists to share info with others, like healthy food photos and more.

Who’s it for? People concerned with fitness and wellness every day should check out Argus by Azumio.

What’s it like? Grab RunKeeper and Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker for more useful health-tracking apps.

Miseria ($0.99)

What’s it about? Puzzler Miseria has palyers helping Lurk, a small, saw blade-shaped creature, through various rotating puzzles in order to escape a giant spider-monster.

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What’s cool? Miseria is a 2-D puzzler in which players need to find their way out of various mazes. But you don’t move your character, Lurk, around the screen through touch controls in Miseria; instead, you rotate the maze and dump Lurk into new areas, carefully moving the level around him and using gravity to get him to each stage’s exit. Each maze is fraught with dangers, including falling out of the maze altogether, but controlling each level’s rotation is made easy through controls that just require you to tap the direction you want to move everything. Miseria packs a cool, dark art style that uses black-and-white graphics and fantastical art direction to create a unique experience, with a different sort of take on similar puzzlers.

Who’s it for? Fans of puzzle titles and distinctive game art should check out Miseria.

What’s it like? LIMBO and Contre Jour have similar art styles and puzzle design, and they’re both worth your attention as well.

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