New iPhone apps worth downloading: ProCamera 7, Pocket Trains, Shadowrun Returns

Sep 26, 2013

Today is full of massive new apps. First up, we’ve got ProCamera 7, ushering in an all new era of iPhone photography with one of the most advanced camera apps around. Then we’ve got the long awaited follow up to Pocket Planes called Pocket Trains, courtesy of NimbleBit. Finally, on the iPad, we have the triumphant return of the Shadowrun universe to the video game world with the tactical RPG, Shadowrun Returns.

ProCamera 7 ($0.99)

What’s it about? After five years with ProCamera and tons of free updates, we get a brand new generation, inspired by iOS 7.

What’s cool? In my mind, ProCamera has always been the rival to the free Camera+. Both are excellent, excellent camera apps. Rather than just update ProCamera, they’ve decided to build an all new app from the ground up, and it’s pretty amazing, with some advanced editing options and over 50 creative lenses. Some new features include a new night camera mode, full screen for distraction free shooting, improved video and rapid fire shooting modes, six times zoom with an anti-shake shutter for sharper photos, and more. This is one of the best out there, and it’s only one dollar for a limited time.

Who’s it for? iPhotographers around the world who want the best of the best.

What’s it like? Camera+, of course, with its recent overhaul. The original ProCamera is still kicking, too.

Pocket Trains (Free)

What’s it about? The pixel art Bitizens return in a brand new game from the developers of Tiny Tower.

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What’s cool? I’ve never been one to get excited about trains, despite my step-father’s repeated attempts, but a new NimbleBit game might just be the exception. Following and expanding on the formula introduced in Pocket Planes, which I also quite enjoyed, you’ll manage multiple railroads across the world. The goal is to grow your network in size, haul cargo, and earn the money and parts to construct all kinds of unique trains, from real life imitation to crazy fantasy type stuff like the ‘DragonBreath’ train. Also, the trailer for this one is golden. Most of you know what to expect with this game, and you also know that means it’s totally worth checking out.

Who’s it for? People who love charming, non-aggressive freemium simulations.

What’s it like? Pocket Planes. Still got trains on the brain? How about a puzzler like Trainyard?

Shadowrun Returns ($9.99)

What’s it about? One of the coolest and most underexposed fictional universes in all of gaming gets a brand new experience for the mobile age.

What’s cool? First off, this game is actually an iPad exclusive, and will require an iPad 2 or later to run. Sorry, iPhone users. Shadowrun started out as a table-top role playing game in the vein of Dungeonsand Dragons, featuring a futuristic cyberpunk world crossed with high fantasy and plotlines that centered on crime and corporate conspiracy, plus a sprinkling of horror. This particular game is something of a reimagining of the original NES game from the original creator of this universe. A tactical RPG with five races, six classes, and a fantastic turn based tactical combat system, plus gorgeous crisp art. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s so worth it.

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Who’s it for? RPG fans, tactics/turn based strategy fans, and connoisseurs of everything cool.

What’s it like? The iOS release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Warhammer Quest.

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