New iPhone apps worth downloading: Presence by People Power, Playboy for iPhone, Nimble Quest

Apr 2, 2013

Turn your old (or new, or spare) iOS devices into instant webcams with the help of Presence by People Power. It lets you set up your iOS devices like webcams and access their feeds remotely from other devices. We’ve also got Playboy for iPhone, an iOS version of the magazine (sans nudity), and Nimble Quest, a version of the classic game Snake that has you commanding a roving band of heroes.

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Presence by People Power (Free)

What’s it about? Got an iPad or an old iPhone in addition to the one you’re carrying around with you everywhere? You can use Presence to turn that device into a camera that you can monitor from your other devices.

What’s cool? You’ll need to download the app on both devices, then set up the device you mean to use as a camera wherever you might need it. You can then use Presence on the other device to see what the camera you left behind is seeing – whether it’s to monitor your pets or your baby, or just to make sure no pranks get committed on your workspace.

Who’s it for? If you’ve got a spare iOS device and a need for a webcam you can monitor remotely, Presence is an easy way to get what you need.

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What’s it like? You can fire up Mini WebCam and Web of Cams to get more webcam goodness out of your mobile devices.

Playboy for iPhone (Free)

What’s it about? Get all the articles and pictorials, as well as exclusive content, that Playboy Magazine is known for – without the nudity – with Playboy for iPhone.

What’s cool? Most people equate Playboy with nude photos, but the rules of Apple’s iTunes App Store keep nudity out of the magazine’s official iOS app. But those photos aren’t the only things the magazine excels at; it’s also the home of legendary interviews, articles and other pictorials, and has been a venue for short stories written by famous authors for years. Playboy for iPhone also includes exclusive content that’s only available in the app; just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a subscription fee as well.

Who’s it for? It might be a cliché, but if you read Playboy for the articles, check it out on iPhone.

What’s it like? For more quality articles and more, try Goings On: The New Yorker and Esquire Magazine.

Nimble Quest (Free)

What’s it about? From the creators of Tiny Towers comes Nimble Quest, a game that mixes the fantasy role-playing genre with the classic arcade game Snake.

What’s cool? If you’ve ever played the game Snake, you have an idea of what Nimble Quest is all about. That’s the game in which you control a snake and steer it around a grid-like level, turning 45 degrees to either go up, down, left or right. Your goal is to avoid running into things like enemies, walls or yourself, while eating apples to grow your snake ever larger. Nimble Quest replaces the snake with a band of heroes, but the idea is similar – you need to move around the level, collecting gems and breaking over treasure chests, while dodging enemies and walls. Your heroes have abilities that let them automatically attack and engage foes in front of them, though, so taking down bad guys (while avoiding getting taken down by them) is key to success. You’ll earn more heroes and upgrades over time, and you can use your gems to purchase power-ups to increase your heroes’ strength and capabilities.

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Who’s it for? If you like your arcade classics with a little bit of fantasy mashed in, try Nimble Quest.

What’s it like? Doodle Snake will give you a version of the classic game to try, and you might want to check out Nimble Quest developer NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower.

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