New iPhone apps worth downloading: Postcard on the Run and Via.Me updates, Wheel of Fortune

Dec 18, 2012

Fire off some real-life postcards made from your own photos with Postcard on the Run. Following it is the newly updated social sharing app Via.Me and Wheel of Fortune, a game commemorating the 30th anniversary of the classic game show.

Postcard on the Run update (Free)

What’s it about? Postcard on the Run turns the photos on your iOS devices into physical postcards for mailing to friends and family.

What’s cool? With its new update, Postcard on the Run adds a new capability – the ability to include video clips that recipients can access when they receive their cards. Just remember that the whole enterprise will cost you between $0.99 and $1.69 per postcard.

Who’s it for? People who snap a lot of photos and enjoy sharing things that are more than just pixels on a screen might enjoy Postcard on the Run.

What’s it like? Try Simply Postcards for another postcard-sending alternative, or Cards from Apple to send standard greeting cards.

Via.Me update (Free)

What’s it about? Social network Via.Me is about sharing your experiences through a variety of media, including text, images and video.

What’s cool? The freedom of how Via.Me captures moments and lets you share them is probably what’s most worth noting about the app. You share your different updates on your own social boards through Via.Me’s service, and you can find friends’ boards and follow their updates. You can apply filters and other effects to photos to make them more expressive and interesting. Via.Me’s holiday update brings even more of these filters into play, plus the ability to add borders to images and a lot of other goodies.

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Who’s it for? If you like social sharing in a variety of ways – plus the ability to be a little creative with presentation, give Via.Me a look.

What’s it like? Pinterest and Facebook also offer some image-centric sharing capabilities, although without Via.Me’s customization capabilities.

Wheel of Fortune ($2.99)

What’s it about? For the 30th anniversary of the Wheel of Fortune TV show, Sony Picture Studios released a mobile app version that allows you to play the game yourself on your iOS devices.

What’s cool? If you think playing along to Wheel of Fortune when it’s on TV is fun, you’re going to really enjoy the mobile version of the game. You can play puzzles solo, to start with, and the game includes a pass-and-play multiplayer mode for some friendly competition. You can create custom avatars to represent you and deck them out with different clothes and other items. More puzzles and items are also available through in-app purchases.

Who’s it for? Word game fans and of course, fans of the 30 year old TV show, should definitely give Wheel of Fortune a try.

What’s it like? Get some more multiplayer word game fun from Words with Friends and Letterpress. For those who love games based on popular game shows, try JEOPARDY! Platinum and The Price is Right Decades.

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