New iPhone apps worth downloading: Pocket Casts update, Boson X, Cat on a Diet

Sep 30, 2013

In our distraction filled lives, you’ve got a pretty wide selection of poisons to choose from. If your distraction of choice happens to be podcasts, then the latest Pocket Casts update is here to make your life easier than ever. We’ve also got a runner with the soul of a hardcore, difficult, arcade style game in Boson X. Finally, watch a hilariously fat cat blob roll around a physics puzzler trying to get to a jar of cookies, of course, in Cat on a Diet.

Pocket Casts update ($3.99)

What’s it about? Pocket Casts is an excellent app for podcasts lovers everywhere you want to manage their stuff.

What’s cool? Pocket Casts has always been a great app for managing your podcasts. Powerful features like sync and backup, loads of different content filters, auto download without even opening the app, auto-cleanup, and even a sleep timer, all with an easy to use interface that can’t be beat. The latest update brings us to version 4. Aside from the truckload of bug fixes, we’ve got interface updates, support for enhanced podcasts with chapters, plus sections and new actions that generally make things easier. Whether you listen to the Nerdist, Freakonomics, Joe Rogan, or the Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank, this app is for you.

Who’s it for? People who religiously keep up with their subscribed podcasts and listen whenever they’re not using their ears for other things.

What’s it like? You can also check out Downcast or iCatcher!

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Boson X ($1.99)

What’s it about? Have you wanted to play a runner that, instead of bombarding you with IAP, was just a genuinely challenging and rewarding game? Here it is!

What’s cool? Basically, this is an auto runner meets Super Hexagon. Really, the developers even admit to the inspiration. It starts off a bit slow as you get your bearings, but before long, it’s just like Super Hexagon and other super challenging arcade games, where you die within a few seconds, and just keep trying again and again and again…. And again. It’s really something. The idea is to fill your power meter all the way on each level by running over blue power strips, but the more it fills, the faster you run. Then red power strips come along and try to ruin your day with traps. It’s a really neat concept.

Who’s it for? People who love addictive difficult games, and also endless runners.

What’s it like? Basically, Super Hexagon meets Temple Run.

Cat on a Diet ($0.99)

What’s it about? A new physics puzzler that utilizes cats in the best way possible. By making them hilariously fat.

What’s cool? Seriously, I cannot say enough about how funny this rolling blob of a cat is, who actually behaves more like a water balloon. The goal is to get the dieting cat into the cookie jar, because who needs lengthy life spans? You do this by slicing blocks underneath him, trying to get him and the wooden blocks to fall in a specific direction. Your three star extra challenge is actually a three cookie challenge, as the cat or the falling planks of wood will need to collect three cookies for the perfect rating. Chillingo physics puzzlers as a concept got old ages ago, but this one is a total win.

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Who’s it for? Jaded former physics puzzler lovers. Cat lovers. Especially fat cats.

What’s it like? This is like a polished up and hilarious take on Smoody.

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