New iPhone apps worth downloading: Pixel Face, Go Luna Girl Go!, Unmechanical

Apr 3, 2013

Create an 8-bit reality with Pixel Face, our first app worth downloading today. It lets you snap photos and pixelate them for an old-style digital look. Following that is Go Luna Girl Go, a storybook app aimed at empowering young girls, and Unmechanical, a side-scrolling puzzle platformer in which players control a helicopter robot.

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Pixel Face ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photography app Pixel Face does exactly what you might think: it pixelates your images, giving them an old-schoo, 8-bit look.

What’s cool? Pixel Face is a photography app that gives photos that distinct, lo-fi, pixelated look that you might see on old computers and video games. The app both allows you to snap photos directly within it from the front or rear camera, as well as to pixelate the photos you’ve already got from your Camera Roll. Pixel Face also lets you change the frame you put on your images and adjust the size of the pixels. Once you’ve got your images in the shape you like, you can share them through Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? This one’s geared at enterprise users and people with existing Lync accounts.

What’s it like? You can get more pixelated photos from CamCraft, and use Pixel’d to create pixel art of your own.

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Go Luna Girl Go! ($1.99)

What’s it about? Children’s book app Go Luna Girl Go tells the story of a cow looking to jump over the moon, while also helping to teach young girls about confidence and kindness.

What’s cool? Go Luna Girl Go mixes a storybook with a coloring book, aiming its story and other features at young girls. The app’s story, that of a cow named Luna, is fully illustrated, allowing kids to read along with the story, or listen to its narration. Go Luna Girl Go also includes a number of coloring book portions that give kids a little extra something to do with the app, as well. Best of all, Go Luna Girl Go is a story that helps to instill confidence in young girls, as well as a sense of cooperation with their peers.

Who’s it for? Go Luna Girl Go is aimed specifically at young girls.

What’s it like? Other good storybooks for young children include When I Grow Up – Little Critter and The Cat in the Hat.

Unmechanical ($2.99)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling puzzle platformer Unmechanical puts players in control of a small robot with a helicopter atop it, tasked with finding the way forward through multiple levels by completing different tasks and figuring out various logic problems.

What’s cool? Players use simple touch controls to guide a robot in Unmechanical, dragging one thumb over the screen to change directions across the game’s two-dimensional levels. Tapping the robot activates a tractor beam that allows you to pick up objects and move them elsewhere, to clear paths, weigh down buttons and perform other puzzle-solving tasks. With great 3-D graphics and more than 30 puzzles to complete, Unmechanical will last most players about three hours and includes secret places you can discover throughout the course of the game as well.

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Who’s it for? Fans of side-scrolling titles and puzzlers should have a good time with Unmechanical.

What’s it like? Try Waking Mars and Cordy for more great platforming and puzzles.

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