New iPhone apps worth downloading: PGA TOUR Caddie, Sparkle 2, TITAN Escape the Tower

Jun 7, 2013

Get some improvement on your golf game this week with PGA TOUR Caddie, a GPS app that can give you information on a huge number of courses, as well as help you improve your game. We’ve also got two games to keep you busy this week: Sparkle 2, a super-addictive arcade puzzle game with some match-3 sensibilities, and TITAN Escape the Tower, an action-heavy take on the brick breaker genre.

PGA TOUR Caddie (Free)

What’s it about? PGA TOUR Caddie is your perfect golfing companion, packing GPS information about more than 400,000 courses across the country, plus a lot more.

What’s cool? Golf is simultaneously a game about doing well today and improving your game over time, and PGA TOUR Caddie can help with both of those elements. The app first and foremost is a great companion to have on the course, providing tons of GPS information about hundreds of thousands of golf courses. It also can track your scores and give you real-time information about the distances to hazards, greens and everything else. The app helps you to improve your game, as well, with video tips about how to improve your swing and learn about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Who’s it for? Golfers, this is an app that can be seriously helpful to your game in a number of ways.

What’s it like? Try Free Golf GPS & Score Card and Golfshot for similar functionality.

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Sparkle 2 ($2.99)

What’s it about? Colorful puzzle title Sparkle 2 brings more of the original’s fast-blasting, color-matching gameplay, with new power-ups and additional challenging levels.

What’s cool? The original Sparkle was quite an addictive puzzler, tasking players with firing colored orbs from a stationary “slinger” at lines of additional orbs as they snaked across each level. The idea is to match groups of the same orbs together to clear them before the entire line reaches a hole at the far side of the level – sort of making it a turret defense game, but more puzzling. Sparkle 2 brings even more of the first game’s inspired puzzle play, with new power-ups that add additional strategy to each level, and another fantasy story for players to experience.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game fans, Sparkle 2 is both fast-paced and thoughtful, as well as tough to put down.

What’s it like? Don’t forget to try the original Sparkle while you’re at it.

TITAN Escape the Tower ($1.99)

What’s it about? Joining the brick breaker genre, TITAN adds a bunch of cool takes on the standard formula by adding action game elements and making your paddle into a robot character.

What’s cool? Brick breaker titles have been pretty simple since their inception: you guide a paddle around the screen and use it to bounce a ball at a series of bricks, and as the ball breaks them and bounces off, you have to keep the ball from falling off the screen. TITAN Escape the Tower takes that formula and tries to put it into something of a more engaging setting. Instead of a pinball-like setup, your paddle is a spider-like robot bouncing the ball around a series of top-down levels so that it can escape them. Enemy robots try to stop you, traps can destroy you and your ball, and power-ups allow you to turn your ball into a powerful tool or even a weapon.

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Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of brick breaker games but are looking for something different, TITAN’s got it.

What’s it like? Amazing Breaker also offers a different take on the brick breaker formula, and Circuloid changes up the routine by making every level round.

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