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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Pandora Radio update, Simply Write, Zombiewood

Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Build your Halloween playlist with the newly updated Pandora Radio, take some notes about the best costumes you see with Simply Write, and blast some zombies in twin-stick shooter Zombiewood with today’s selection of great new apps.

Pandora Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? Pandora creates personalized Internet radio stations for you based on the things you like. You can pick a song or a band, and Pandora finds other things you might like to fill out your station.

What’s cool? The latest major update to Pandora Radio has added some new social features, not unlike what you might see on Spotify. You can find new music by seeing what your friends are listening to through services such as Facebook, and the app also now features a lot more information about the music to which you are listening. That includes stuff like band profiles and information from the Music Genome Project.

Who’s it for? Music fans excited to find new stuff to enjoy should see what Pandora has to offer, because it’s specifically geared to playing you music similar to what you like, but not the same.

What’s it like? Well-known services such as Spotify and Rdio also offer free music-playing opportunities. You might also like the newly updated 8tracks radio.

Simply Write ($0.99 – iPad Only)

What’s it about? Handwriting app Simply Write turns your iPad into a notepad. It also allows users to hand-write with either a stylus or their finger using the device’s touchscreen, for document files as small as memos or as large as journals.

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What’s cool? If you prefer to write by hand than try to type on your iOS devices, Simply Write can make that happen. It interprets your hand-written words and changes them into type, shrinking them down so they fit on various lines and allowing you to create pages of text as if you were writing on paper. Then you can password-protect your entries and share them through services like Dropbox.

Who’s it for? Fans of handwriting who like the convenience of an iPad should give Simply Write a try. The app is great for writers and people who need to save notes and use their iPads as portable word processers.

What’s it like? The iPad has a bunch of quality word processing apps, including Apple’s Pages app. There’s also iA Writer and WordPress for your writing needs.

Zombiewood (Free)

What’s it about? Zombies have invaded Hollywood, and you’re the only thing standing between them and all sorts of human brains to feast on in twin-stick shooter Zombiewood.

What’s cool? Because of Zombiewood’s Hollywood theme, each of the game’s levels are broken up by the film on which they take place, and you’ll run around various imaginative sets as you fight off bad guys. The base gameplay is similar to most other twin-stick shooters, in which you move with one control stick and aim with the other, and you can earn new weapons and upgrades to make yourself a more effective zombie fighter.

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Who’s it for? Fans of shooters, primarily, will be into Zombiewood. It’s a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, cartoonish depiction of the undead, so if the slightly lighthearted tone appeals to you, check this one out.

What’s it like? Gun Bros. is one of the better twin-stick shooters on the iOS platform, and offers free-to-play online support to go with it. You might also try Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, or Infect Them All to try playing as the zombies.

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