New iPhone apps worth downloading: Oscars update, Fly Delta for iPad, Sasquatch

Jan 14, 2013

The Academy Awards will broadcast on February 24, and you should grab the updated Oscars iPhone app to prepare for the annual celebration of films. We also have Fly Delta for iPad, an app packed with information about Delta flight destinations, and Sasquatch, a scavenger hunt game you can play with others around the world.

Oscars update (Free)

What’s it about? With the Golden Globes behind us, it’s time to look forward to the bigger ( and more serious) of the award shows: The Oscars. The show’s official app is full of info about nominees and features geared toward maximizing your enjoyment when you watch.

What’s cool? In addition to trivia, Oscars allows you to create your own Oscar ballot and share it with friends. During the awards show, Oscars provides additional information and even lets you change camera angles (that will not be available for the standard television broadcast) to see what’s going on behind the scenes. This year’s update to the app adds new social media features, too, so it’s easier to connect with your friends as you watch. Who’s it for? Any appreciator of awards season, film, or celebrities, should have Oscars by their side on February 24.

What’s it like? Grab Live From the Red Carpet to see more stars, and Awards Hero: Oscars Edition for more fun with the nominees.

Fly Delta for iPad (Free)

What’s it about? Delta Airlines’ new iPad app helps book flights, acts as a travel guide and even has some cool features for you while you’re in the air.

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What’s cool? Apart from the usual booking features, it also includes destination guides that give you information about where you’re going, and it even has a feature called “Glass Bottom Plane” that lets you turn your iPad into a digital window mid-flight, providing you with a view of the world below you.

Who’s it for? If you fly Delta, there’s no reason not to have this free app for all its information.

What’s it like? There’s also the Fly Delta app for iPhone users, and similar apps from Southwest Airlines and American Airlines (and others, too).

Sasquatch (Free)

What’s it about? Sasquatch is something of a scavenger hunt you play with your iOS device by snapping pictures and challenging other people, whether they’re nearby or on the other side of the world.

What’s cool? The idea behind Sasquatch is that you challenge an opponent to figure out your exact location. You and your opponent take turns sharing photos of the area around you, and use those photos to try to figure out the location on a global map. The game tells you when you’re getting “warmer” to finding the right spot. You can play with friends or random strangers, and Sasquatch includes some in-game “gadgets” that you can purchase to give you a bit of a leg up, like Sonar.

Who’s it for? Sasquatch has something for everyone, as it combines scavenger hunts, geography, turn-based multiplayer, and experiencing potential new locations.

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What’s it like? Try Scavenger Hunt Classic and Scvngr for more real-world hunting-stuff games.

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