New iPhone apps worth downloading: OKDOTHIS, Sunnycomb, Blitz Brigade update

Dec 9, 2013

Keep yourself occupied and take great photos with OKDOTHIS, today’s first app worth downloading. The photography social network provides users with prompts for photos they can take and share with other users. We’ve also got Sunnycomb, a great-looking weather app that provides user-provided info as well as your standard weather information, and Blitz Brigade, a multiplayer shooter that lets up to 12 players square off with vehicles and various weapons.

OKDOTHIS ($1.99)

What’s it about? Fight boredom and create and share lots of photos with a community of mobile photographers with OKDOTHIS, an app that provides lots of prompts for photos.

What’s cool? OKDOTHIS is a photography social network that’s built on something of a game. The app provides users with prompts for photos they can take and share with the community, like getting a shot with a person in it for scale, or taking an image looking up. Once you’ve created your images and added things like filters, you can share your DO image with others on the OKDOTHIS social network. You can also browse through other people’s images to see what they’ve created, and you can interact with other users through the network as well.

Who’s it for? Mobile photographers and users looking for something fun to do on short notice should try OKDOTHIS’ photo prompts.

What’s it like? Share and see more photos with Instagram and Flickr.

Sunnycomb (Free)

What’s it about? Social weather app Sunnycomb provides traditional weather information like temperature and conditions with crowd-sourced photos and other info.

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What’s cool? Sunnycomb is a weather app that takes a social angle on delivering information about things like temperature and wind. The app brings users the info they’d expect from any other weather app – things like current local temperatures, wind speeds, conditions and the like – as well as photos shared by other Sunnycomb users. It also provides a more social take on the weather by allowing users to upload their take on the conditions to the cloud, giving you a more emotional look at what the conditions are like. Combined with Sunnycomb’s graphical user interface, the app brings lots of different information in a nice-looking package.

Who’s it for? If you could use a weather app that’s easy on the eyes and provides useful, as well as more human, weather info, check out Sunnycomb.

What’s it like? Other great weather apps include The Weather Channel and AccuWeather.

Blitz Brigade update (Free)

What’s it about? Online multiplayer shooter Blitz Brigade puts players into teams in a cartoonish battle to destroy one another, with as many as 12 players at a time.

What’s cool? Combing class-based gameplay with vehicles and multiplayer action, Blitz Brigade sends players into various matches against other players in a battle for supremacy. You can join games with as many as 12 players in them and utilize any of five classes to specialize your play style and defeat your opponents. Blitz Brigade also lets you use vehicles like helicopters and tanks in battle, and packs more than 120 missions you can work through to help you learn everything there is to know about playing each character class. The game’s newest update adds sci-fi weaponry into the mix, new character upgrades according to your play style, and new enhanced gameplay modes.

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Who’s it for? Fans of multiplayer shooters should check out all the various features on offer from Blitz Brigade.

What’s it like? You’ll find more great multiplayer shooters in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Gun Bros.

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