New iPhone apps worth downloading: MyPourPal, Sporos, Worm Run

Feb 20, 2013

If you need a midweek break at your local watering hole, you might want to check out MyPourPal, an app that connects you with the staff of nearby bars to learn about promotions and the work schedules of your favorite bartenders. We’ve also got a couple of solid games to break up your work week: Sporos, a puzzler in which players use special cells to take over others with careful placement, and Worm Run, a runner in which players use swipe motions to escape a giant ravenous worm.

MyPourPal ($0.99)

What’s it about? Bar finder MyPourPal helps users connect with local bars to find out what their hours are, when they’re running events, and more.

What’s cool? The idea behind MyPourPal is to let bar patrons connect with their favorite establishments, and more specifically, their favorite bartenders. On the bar owner side, MyPourPal can be used to run promotions and connect with customers to create a more loyal following.

Who’s it for? Bar users and bar owners can find great uses for MyPourPal to get the most out of heading out for a drink.

What’s it like? Yelp is another solid way to get information about bars, while FanFinder can help users track down sports bars.

Sporos ($0.99)

What’s it about? Puzzle title Sporos lets you become something of a virus, infecting cells using your “sporos,” all of which have different properties.

What’s cool? In Sporos, each level includes a grid-style compendium of cells placed close together in different formations. Your goal is to use your available sporos, which are infectious purple cells, to overtake each of the clean cells on the grid. In order to do that, you need to place each of your sporos in the grid to maximum effect. Sporos can infect cells only in specific directions depending on their properties – some can send infection out in six directions, some only two, and in different configurations. The challenge of the cells in the right place to overtake all of the other cells in as few tries as possible.

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Who’s it for? Fans who enjoy logic puzzles will have some fun with Sporos.

What’s it like? Osmos and Spore Origins are a pair of games that are also about cellular evolution.

Worm Run ($0.99)

What’s it about? A giant space worm is after you in Worm Run, which means you’ll need to swipe madly to make your character jump, run, boost and drop to escape through a series of caves and tunnels.

What’s cool? Worm Run has you dodging obstacles, jumping over chasms, and scaling walls or dropping into pits in order to stave off death. Along the way, you collect coins to increase your score. Rather than more traditional virtual gamepad controls, Worm Run has players using swipes to control their movements.

Who’s it for? If you like runners and platform games, or maybe the movie (or book) Dune, you’ll enjoy Worm Run.

What’s it like? Death Worm and Super Mega Worm let players take control of the opposite side of the equation, while Time Surfer also has players escaping certain death.

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