New iPhone apps worth downloading: Mynd – Smart Calendar & Meeting Scheduler update, Star Trek Vulcan Harp, Order & Chaos Online update

Dec 11, 2013

Get a little more organized with our first app worth downloading today, the updated Mynd smart calendar. The app keeps all your appointments together like any other calendar, but uses smart technology and other aspects of your iOS device to help you get to meetings on time, schedule appointments more easily, and more. We’ve also got Star Trek Vulcan Harp, a virtual version of Mr. Spock’s harp as seen in the 1960s TV show “Star Trek,” for all you fans of futuristic musical instruments. Finally, massively multiplayer online game Order & Chaos Online has received a big update, with a new dungeon to explore and some holiday themed fun to find.

Mynd – Smart Calendar & Meeting Scheduler update (Free)

What’s it about? Keeping all your meetings, appointments, to-do list items and more organized is Mynd, a smart calendar app that works with other features on your iOS device to help you stay on top of everything you have to do.

What’s cool? Mynd gets its versatility from its ability to handle a lot of little things you need to stay organized. The app is primarily a calendar, meant for tracking obligations like meetings, appointments and other items, and it comes with a lot of little features that make it work more efficiently and smarter – like custom tones you can set that let you know when you should leave for a meeting to get there on time, or the ability to instantly join a conference call from within the app. Mynd can also pay attention to the places you frequent to make it easier for you to set meetings and their locations, without the need to type in addresses. The latest update to Mynd adds the Meeting Scheduler feature, which lets you quickly propose a meeting to other users from within the app with a few taps. It also includes custom tones that let you know whether your upcoming appointment is a physical meeting or a call and more.

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Who’s it for? If you need a smarter, more organized approach to keeping all your appointments in order, check out the features available in Mynd.

What’s it like? You’ll find more useful calendar features in Cal and Clear – Tasks & To-Do List.

Star Trek Vulcan Harp (iPad) ($1.99)

What’s it about? Play a virtual version of Spock’s Vulcan Harp from the original series of “Star Trek” with the Star Trek Vulcan Harp iPad app.

What’s cool? Virtual musical instruments on the iPad are nothing new, but what about fictional virtual music instruments? That’s what you get when you snag Star Trek Vulcan Harp, a virtual musical instrument based on the harp seen in the original series of the 1960s TV show “Star Trek,” as played by Mr. Spock. Users play the harp by plucking virtual strings on the iPad’s screen – 15 of them in total – with a six-and-a-half-octave range. You can also tweak the harp sounds across five different presets, ranging from the sound of a classic harp to a futuristic take on the instrument, add distortion, and can record what you create with the harp and upload it directly to SoundCloud.

Who’s it for? Musicians who also happen to be Trekkers, Vulcan Harp gives you a little something unique to create music with using your iPad.

What’s it like? Other great virtual musical instruments are available in Guitar! by Smule and GarageBand.

Order & Chaos Online update ($6.99)

What’s it about? Venture into Gameloft’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game with players from all over the world, completing quests, engaging in battles, and gathering useful loot.

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What’s cool? Taking a page from other MMOs such as World of Warcraft, Order & Chaos Online unites players across the globe in a huge shared game world, where they take on the roles of heroes playing for one of two factions. Those factions are constantly at war, and players will gather up weapons and friends to take on quests, defeat huge bosses and earn upgrades to their chosen characters along the way. Order & Chaos includes five different playable races to choose from, thousands of skills and pieces of equipment to find and use in battle, and more than 1,200 quests to complete through the course of the game’s story. The game’s latest update brings even more to do with an expansion, with a new dungeon to fight through, the ability to create gems that can enhance equipment, an amusement park full of winter-themed games to mess around with, and a new organization with which to interact.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes role-playing games and MMOs should check out this impressive mobile take on the genre.

What’s it like? There are other great MMOs on mobile devices available as well, including the well-loved Pocket Legends, and Empire Online.

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