New iPhone apps worth downloading: mymosaic, Bladeslinger Ep. 1, Heroes of Order & Chaos

Nov 26, 2012

If you’ve got a lot of photos from Thanksgiving weekend, you might want to check out mymosaic – Photo Mosaic Maker. It lets you create photo mosaics using the images on your iOS devices. We’ve also got a couple of big new games: Bladeslinger Ep. 1, an action-adventure game that combines Westerns and horror, and Heroes of Order & Chaos, a multiplayer title based on Gameloft’s Order & Chaos role-playing game.

mymosaic – Photo Mosaic Maker ($0.99)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, mymosaic is an app that takes images from your iOS device to make photo mosaic posters.

What’s cool? Well, photo mosaics on their own are pretty cool, and mymosaic creates them with ease. You input the photo you want the mosaic to represent, choose albums from your Camera Roll, and the app do all the heavy lifting. You can create mymosaic posters as big as 30 inches square, and the app also includes additional controls that let you adjust color or the variety of photos. You can also adjust the size of the tiles, if you’d rather have many smaller images or a few that are of varying sizes.

Who’s it for? Prolific iOS photographers will probably get a little more mileage out of mymosaic, since it’s built to use photos saved on your device.

What’s it like? Try Photo Mosaic and Photo Mosaica for a different take on the same idea. The former actually lets you pixelate portions of your photos, while the latter makes photo mosaics and includes several social sharing options.

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Bladeslinger Ep. 1 ($2.99)

What’s it about? Part Western, part horror title, Bladeslinger is a third-person action game in which players fight their way through an abandoned town with a combination of gunslinging and blade-wielding melee combat.

What’s cool? Slick, great-looking graphics are the first thing you’ll notice about Bladeslinger; the second is how much punishment you’ll be dishing out to various gross-looking enemies. The game handles a bit like console titles such as the Devil May Cry series, encouraging players to combine fast, close-range melee attacks with gunfighting to rack up big combos of damage against enemies. You’ll unlock new abilities and weapons, as well as discover the story of what has happened to protagonist William Glaston’s demon-ravaged hometown, Hammer’s Peak.

Who’s it for? Bladeslinger aims at an older audience of gamers, so if console-level action-adventure titles sound like your speed, check it out.

What’s it like? Gameloft offers a few games that feel similar in spirit to Bladeslinger, specifically Six-Guns and BackStab.

Heroes of Order & Chaos (Free)

What’s it about? Riffing on Gameloft’s World of Warcraft-style massively multiplayer online game, Heroes of Order & Chaos lets players take on the roles of specific heroes and battle in multiplayer matches.

What’s cool? Heroes of Order & Chaos is a “MOBA,” or multiplayer online battle arena game. Players take control of a hero, and fight alongside lesser minion characters, in hopes of defeating a team controlled by an opponent. The game offers either three-on-three or five-on-five matches, and includes 30 different characters to choose from (although a smaller, rotating selection are available for free). You can also play alone and improve your characters over time.

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Who’s it for? Fans of Order & Chaos should definitely give Heroes a look, as well as anyone who likes multiplayer action.

What’s it like? Try Legendary Heroes, which riffs on League of Legends.

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