New iPhone apps worth downloading: Mr. T (Official App), Sendgine, After Burner Climax

Feb 7, 2013

This morning you’ll want to grab Mr. T’s official app to go along with your breakfast cereal. The app taps into Mr. T’s wisdom and lets you add his legendary mohawk and gold chains to your photos. Next, Sendgine makes collaborating and brainstorming easy and effective. And finally, SEGA’s After Burner Climax puts you in a jet’s pilot seat for dogfighting and super-fast flying action.

Mr. T (Official App) ($0.99)

What’s it about? I pity the fool who don’t download this app! Sure, that reference was too easy, but appropriate as Mr. T is back with a new YouTube show, a Twitter account, and a brand new app full of Mr. T phrases and other funny features.

What’s cool? Mr. T is now both figuratively and literally an icon. His new app effectively distills everything that makes him a character into a fun digital form. Up front is the “T-Booth,” where you can snap a photo of yourself and add things like Mr. T’s beard and mohawk. There’s a Mr. T soundboard filled with phrases, Mr. T’s Twitter account feed, and an alarm clock that wakes you up with shouts from the man himself. You can even use the app’s magic 8-ball feature to get advice from Mr. T through video responses.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of Mr. T or just like quirky mobile apps, you have to get this one.

What’s it like? If getting shouted at by Mr. T is a good time for you, you may well enjoy being serenaded by William Shatner with his Shatoetry app.

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Sendgine (Free)

What’s it about? Collaboration app Sendgine makes it easy to work with others on brainstorming and other workflow tasks, organizing the documents and messages you send to one another so everyone can stay up to speed.

What’s cool? Sendgine lets you send documents, messages and files, as well as schedule events, with a group of collaborators. It organizes everything in a timeline list, so you can see everything in its proper context. You’ll know exactly why you received that spreadsheet and when, and when your next task is scheduled for completion. Sendgine is compatible with a number of cloud apps, and allows you to see everything your team is working on so you can monitor everyone’s individual progress.

Who’s it for? The free Sendgine app is for working professionals and collaborators who need to keep an entire team organized and productive.

What’s it like? Both Yammer and iBrainstorm are solid alternatives that give you good ways of interacting with co-workers

After Burner Climax ($2.99)

What’s it about? Airplane dogfighting title After Burner Climax puts you in the pilot seat of some of the fastest jets in the world, with some pretty phenomenal graphics.

What’s cool? What, flying a jet didn’t do it for you? If that’s not enough, After Burner Climax packs quite a bit of action to go with its premise. There are three different game modes to play through: Arcade, which is mostly about fighting other planes, Time Attack, which has you racing a ticking clock, and Climax, which gives you the ability to slow down time and take down multiple enemies at once. The game packs 20 “skyscapes” and packs three jets for your campaign of destruction.

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Who’s it for? Fans of flight simulation titles and great graphics will have their need for speed met with this one.

What’s it like? Check out Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy and SkyRaiders for more in-flight carnage.

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